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Digital Lending – A Business That Even the Coronavirus Could Not Stop

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COVID saw not only the death of people worldwide, but it also saw the death of jobs, companies, and the Indian GDP. However, the digital lending business saw growth, following the opposite trend than everything around it. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, digital lending is a trillion-dollar industry in the coming few years. But why is it so and how one can be a part of the giant in the digital lending industry in India- Loanwalle, will be discussed below.

Why is the digital lending industry so profitable?

The phenomena can be described in two words- instant gratification. The “I want it, I get it” immediately is the mentality that has put the digital lending industry's growth on steroids. Moreover, the cheaply available mobile data by Jio has democratized access to the internet. These two global phenomena have put the digital lending business on an upward trajectory.

A giant in the lending industry is the New Delhi based company- Loanwalle. Loanwalle is an NBFC powered by Naman Finlease. Their USP is to give a loan in just 30 minutes. Loanwalle is now accepting franchisee propositions pan India.

Advantages of owning a Loanwalle Franchise

A franchisee is a big investment that guarantees an even bigger return provided the company is in profit. If one accesses the Loanwalle balance sheets, one can easily assess the profitability of Loanwalle. Apart from this, some other advantages of owning Loanwalle’s franchisee are-

  • Loanwalle’s business is tried and tested. It has survived and is thriving despite a pandemic.
  • The cost is less compared to the capital required for setting up a digital lending business from scratch.
  • The guidance and tools are provided by Loanwalle.

Tackling the COVID situation hands-on

COVID has resulted in a gloomy situation in many families. The breadwinners have taken heavy pay cuts. In a never-ending tunnel of darkness, Loanwalle has taken an initiative to light diyas. As part of their effort to help people in this unfortunate time, they are launching a Mega Festive Offer of 0% interest on online loans (terms and conditions apply).

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