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Dilapidated Ohio Command QB & con man Artwork Schlichter is support in the wild without a gambling restrictions

You’ve formally been warned, Ohioans. Dilapidated Buckeyes quarterback story/gambling addict Artwork Schlichter is support on the streets after being released from an Ohio detention center support in June where he changed into once serving a sentence for a label arrangement that stole tens of millions from his victims.

In case you don’t know by now, Artwork (4th general steal by the Colts in the 1982 draft) is a gambling addict who won’t hang gambling restrictions as phase of his parole, per the Indianapolis Star. The newspaper stories Artwork signed a contract that states he can’t fill weapons, employ pills or fade Ohio with out contacting a parole officer. The contract doesn’t consist of language on sports gambling, which is Artwork’s drug of varied.


“My advice to anybody coming upon Mr. Schlichter is that they no longer grab in any trade transactions or any purchases or any other transactions that will fill giving him any money,” Ron O’Brien, used Franklin (Ohio) County prosecutor, urged the newspaper.

“(He) is a career legal engaged in fraud as a career,” O’Brien stated. “He fair can not lend a hand himself. He’ll attain this the leisure of his lifestyles.”

Artwork Schlichter #10 of the Ohio Command Buckeyes calls a timeout during an NCAA football sport against Stanford College played on September 26, 1981 at Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto, California.  (Describe by David Madison/Getty Pictures)
(Describe by David Madison/Getty Pictures)

The arrangement that resulted in Artwork’s latest detention center hang — this time it changed into once a federal detention center — resulted from a label fraud arrangement where the used Ohio Command quarterback promised to lift college football and NFL tickets to clients. This incorporated wide-money Substantial Bowl tickets. Yep, Artwork didn’t lift the tickets even supposing he’d been paid.

That fraud resulted in an 11-year federal sentence and 10 years in an Ohio detention center. Even after serving eight years in prison, Artwork changed into once restful having females on the birth air explain sports bets for him. He changed into once also gambling on the internal. He changed into once also running a Substantial Bowl label rip-off on the internal, per detention center officers. Artwork had an inmate’s household give him money for Substantial Bowl Tickets.

You’ve been warned, Ohio.

“He’s previous the level of rehabilitation,” Franklin County (OH) Total Pleas Focus on Chris Brown urged the Columbus Dispatch in 2020. “To unencumber him now might per chance well be to subject the contributors of Franklin County to extra legal behavior. I salvage no longer hang any religion he is going to salvage out and behavior (himself correctly).”


Tonight will be Artwork’s first chance to explain of venture on his Buckeyes (-14) as a free man. Now he fair desires to scrounge up some money.

Again, you’ve been warned.

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