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Domino’s India database likely hacked, Around a million card details leaked, and more

Well, we all are fond of Domino’s, weekends or normal days a pizza is something we all crave for! The world-famous Domino’s faced a data breach recently. Domino’s India seems to have fallen victim to a cyberattack, as per Alon Gal co-founder of an Israeli cybercrime intelligence. The hacking forum has access to Domino’s India 13TB of internal data which involves employees’ details of more than 250 employees across verticals such as IT, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Legal, etc. 

Moreover, the hackers claimed to have got all customer details and around 18 crore order details which involve names, contact numbers, email IDs, delivery address, payment details, and more. The highlight is more than 1 million credit card details which were used to purchase food from Dominos in Indian application.

India Today says that hackers are aiming to sell the entire data to a single buyer. On the other side, Alon Gal states, the hackers are looking for $550,000 that is around INR 4 Crores for the entire database. They are also planning to build a search portal to enable querying the data. 

The data is presented on the dark web for sale, and likely on a website patronized by cyber scammers. For now, Domino’s India has neither affirmed nor refuted that data of its consumers have been or leaked from its servers. 

Since the beginning of 2021, India and Indian ventures have been a victim of several large-scale data breaches. As per Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) data, during global pandemic cyber attacks on Indian grew by nearly 300%, and growing constantly to 11,58,208 in 2020 as compared to 3,94,499 in 2019. 

Additionally, according to a survey conducted by Sophos Survey titled The Future of Cybersecurity in the Asia Pacific and Japan, about 52% of domestic Indian companies said that they fell victim to a data breach in the last year. Out of these, 71% of organizations admitted it was a serious attack, and 65% said it took time to remediate. 

Lastly, several tech giants from Mobikwik, Facebook, and more have faced the biggest data breaches, worried about the security aspects of their company, and how to maintain their consumers’ credentials well and securely. 

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