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Donald Trump bans from Youtube for 7 days.

Google-owned by YouTube – announced on Thursday that it would suspend the channel’s ability to publish new content for at least seven days after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, rather than issuing a warning beforehand. YouTube has announced it will remove all posts from Trump’s YouTube channel and Twitter account in case there are further outbreaks of violence in the country. YouTube will also suspend its account for making false claims, according to a company statement.

In a statement, YouTube said: “We are now having our first strike and we are temporarily stopping it from uploading new content for at least seven days. In a statement, Youtube said that we are now having our “first strikes” and have been temporarily prevented from uploading new content within a maximum of 5 days, and in some cases as much as 6 weeks. Youtube has now gone on its “second strike,” we temporarily prevent it from uploading further content, but in many cases up to – up to – 7 weeks or even more than 6 months.

Once Trump’s channel has suffered the first blow, he will be barred from uploading for a maximum of five days, and in some cases even six weeks. 

The temporary suspension means Trump’s account and existing videos will remain accessible, but he will not be able to upload new content. On Twitter on Tuesday night, a YouTube representative said: ‘YouTube has removed all new content uploaded to the Donald J. Trump channel because it violates our policies. In light of ongoing concerns about violence, the company said in a statement Tuesday night, according to a YouTube spokesman. The American people and the United States as a whole are united in the face of the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, August 12, 2017, the official said in the tweet. 

The YouTube suspension of Trump’s account follows violent clashes between white supremacists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, in which five people were killed.

Shortly before noon, President Trump, who had called for protesters to lay siege to the Capitol on Wednesday, tweeted: “I support the police and law enforcement at the Capitol. The social media site announced the protest just hours after Twitter suspended its account for “lying postings” that called for violence. Twitter suspended President Trump’s account on Thursday, forcing him to remove three tweets and saying it would remain suspended until the tweets were deleted. Shortly before Twitter suspended the president following allegations that he contributed to the Capitol riots, he tweeted a message to his supporters.

YouTube said the account had conducted its only strike on Thursday and prevented it from uploading new videos for seven days, but said the timeframe could be extended. Now has a first strike and is temporarily prevented from uploading new content for at least 7 days. YouTube says the account has triggered a single “strike” on its account, preventing it from uploading new videos for up to seven days. Now 1 has the first strike, is permanently suspended and has been temporarily prevented from uploading new content for at least 5 days, and can be temporarily prevented from downloading all new content for 7 days.

Officials say the station had its first strike and was temporarily barred from uploading new videos for at least seven days. Trump’s YouTube channel is temporarily barred from uploading new videos or live streams for at least seven weeks, according to a YouTube spokesman.

YouTube stopped a video message Trump posted last week in which he talked to rioters and suspended his account completely. Twitter says that Trump’s account will be restored after the 12-hour suspension, which is against the policy. Trump has since removed the offensive tweet from his Twitter account, as well as his Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Russia will be the last foreign country to try to manipulate social media for a dangerous political agenda, but President Trump will not be our last public figure. YouTube’s move comes just days after Twitter suspended Trump for seven days, citing concerns that the lame-duck president will stoke additional violence against his followers. If Trump is ultimately shut out of Twitter, Facebook, and Real, he will continue to find himself at the mercy of a platform that claims to champion free speech, which is likely to stoke further divisions under a Biden presidency.

In March 2017, President Trump imposed travel restrictions on seven countries that lack the ability or political will to meet those standards. In today’s proclamation, he has made it clear that certain countries that do not meet the minimum requirements for security and information exchange will not have access to the United States and the United States of America. The sell-off, which rocked global markets, comes just days after he imposed a travel ban on most European countries and offered few new measures to mitigate the impact.

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