Don’t Ask a Season 2 of Hour of darkness Mass

The next memoir contains spoilers for the ending of Netflix’s Hour of darkness Mass.

You bear got made it. Hour of darkness Mass, with all of its intense Catholic imagery, chaotic sermons, and blood-sucking, poison-ingesting, dying-questioning and dying-defying horror, goes out no longer moderately with a bang, nonetheless with a mammoth blaze of fireplace on the halt of its seventh episode. And also you would also fetch yourself questioning, as the leisure credits originate as much as roll: what happens subsequent? And in all chance, you might maybe maybe well be pondering that for an extended, long, time, as a result of we develop no longer question Hour of darkness Mass—dubbed a restricted series—to bear the leisure larger than this preliminary escape of seven episodes.

Sure, you never moderately know. Astronomical Diminutive Lies, for one instance, used to be progressively deliberate as a restricted series, and in the end returned for a 2d season. HBO’s Mare of Easttown used to be furthermore deliberate as a restricted series, nonetheless no longer too long ago star Kate Winslet has been teasing that her assassinate mystery might maybe furthermore be returning for a 2d recede-spherical. Nonetheless for a alternative of assorted causes, we in actuality feel moderately confident that our commute to Crockett Island for Hour of darkness Mass is going to be a one-and-completed on Netflix.

The correct news, though, is that writer/director/showrunner Mike Flanagan tends to re-exhaust many of the same actors in assorted projects. So whereas we might maybe also never glimpse Hamish Linklater as Father Paul, or Kate Siegel as Erin again, or Rahul Kohli as Sheriff Hassan again, there’s a pretty solid chance we glimpse these performers expose up again in a in an identical vogue-scary mission by the man who belief all of this up in the principle living.

Hour of darkness Mass will not be any longer going to bear a Season 2.


Hour of darkness Mass marks Mike Flanagan’s third Netflix series, nonetheless you would even bear noticed that every of them tells a contained memoir. The Haunting of Hill House used to be its possess memoir (in response to Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel of the same name), The Haunting of Bly Manor used to be its possess memoir (in response to The Flip of the Screw by Henry James), and now Hour of darkness Mass is telling its possess memoir (with Flanagan serving as chief writer).

You are going to have the option to furthermore record from Flanagan’s film alternatives that he likes to upright record his tales in a single fell swoop—Physician Sleep, for instance, is an adaptation of Stephen King‘s novel of the same name. There are some cramped changes, obvious, nonetheless it absolutely tells its memoir in its entirety over the route of the film. Very few unfastened ends. Same with Gerald’s Recreation, and the same with most of his other projects.

Where would the memoir recede?

Right here is one other cheap question. Phase of what makes Hour of darkness Mass such an enriching, engulfing, and though-provoking mission is the proven fact that we in actuality get so grand dense memoir, from originate as much as steal out in barely seven hour-long episodes. That furthermore involves just some of the exclusively and most advanced characters in any horror series in most up-to-date memory. From Father Paul, to Erin, to Riley, to Bev Keene, to Sheriff Hassan, to in general everybody else on Crockett Island, we in actuality in actuality feel like we know these folks.

And, by proxy then, we furthermore more or less get the pudgy memoir by the halt of the series. We glimpse what’s came about, and we glimpse the aftermath. By the halt of the expose, too, there furthermore, well, no longer a ton of characters aloof left alive. Let’s endure in tips that in general everybody burnt to dying once the solar got right here up—Father Paul/Monsignor Pruitt and Mildred Gunning together, at peace, many of the opposite Crockett Island residents together, singing, at peace. Sheriff Hassan—who didn’t drink the poison—succumbs to his gunshot damage praying subsequent to his son, Ali, who furthermore burns to dying. Bev burns to dying clawing for shelter in the sand (in what’s a really cathartic moment, we must admit). Riley had died just a few episodes earlier, Sarah used to be shot and killed by Sturge, and Erin purchased mauled to dying by the angel. Conventional stuff.


The lone remaining threads might maybe be Warren and Leeza, who both didn’t drink the poison and escaped from Crockett Island in direction of the mainland. We be taught in the series’ remaining moment that Leeza now no longer feels her legs, revealing that the miracles Hour of darkness Mass depicted had been maybe progressively non eternal. Erin, in her dying act, minimize the angel’s wings. So whereas the angel is seen flying away—our lone seemingly opening for a sequel series—it be no longer going that it made it away sooner than the solar got right here up.

Stare, we’re no longer asserting a sequel is exclusively off the table. Crazier things bear came about. Nonetheless Netflix and everybody involved has billed Hour of darkness Mass as a restricted series, and in response to the history of this particular filmmaker, and the style things play out within the expose, it’d be comely if it returned.

Flanagan does bear already purchased one other Netflix series in the works, though.

The Hour of darkness Membership

Simon Pulse


Flanagan is already exhausting at work on his subsequent series, titled The Hour of darkness Membership and attributable to hit Netflix in 2022. The expose is in response to Christopher Pike’s horror novel of the same name, just a few team of terminally ailing young adults who meet every night at hour of darkness in the hospice facility wherein they’re residing and record scary tales. When one among them succumbs to their illness, things originate getting spooky. As you likely question.

The expose will mostly characteristic new faces as the young adults on the memoir’s center, nonetheless just a few Flanagan familiars will return in routine roles, including Kate Siegel (who performs Erin in Hour of darkness Mass), Zach Gilford (who performs Riley in Hour of darkness Mass), Matt Biedel (who performs Sturge in Hour of darkness Mass), and Samantha Sloyan (who performs Bev Keane in Hour of darkness Mass). Horror followers might maybe also aloof furthermore be thrilled by one bit of casting, which is that Heather Langenkamp—exclusively known for her characteristic taking up Freddy Kruger as Nancy Thompson in A Nightmare on Elm Boulevard—will seemingly be a key phase of the expose, taking part in the doctor who leads the facility the put the contributors of the titular Hour of darkness Membership are residing.

So, whereas we likely don’t get any further Hour of darkness Mass, develop no longer be afraid—we’ll be getting more from Mr. Flanagan, and it be going to shut in moderately rapid expose.

Evan is an partner editor for Men’s Health, with bylines in The Original York Events, MTV News, Brooklyn Magazine, and VICE.

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