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‘Driving with out ample gasoline’, an Indian motorcyle driver fined for this weird and wonderful motive

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 7 | Issue Month:July | Issue Year:2022

Basil Syam, a resident in the Indian suppose of Kerala can easiest cuss his success as the Kerala traffic police fined him for ‘driving with out ample gasoline with passengers’. The bike rider shared the receipt of the sparkling on his Facebook fable and remarked that he used to be charged $3 (Rs 250) while he used to be on his methodology to work.

Reportedly, Basil used to be driving in the grievous methodology of a one-methodology avenue at Pukkatupadi junction when he used to be stopped by the traffic police. Lustrous that he had broken the legislation, Basil handed the sparkling amount and went on his methodology. 

On the change hand, upon reaching the placement of industrial, Basil took out the sparkling receipt and used to be astonished to respect that the motive for the price used to be attributed to ‘driving with out ample gasoline with passengers’.

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As almost today as Basil posted the characterize of the receipt, it went viral on social media platforms. It used to be easiest when the Kerala traffic police obtained some flak from the netizens that an loyal from the Motor Automotive Division called Basil to conceal the matter.

The officer acknowledged that there’s this kind of chunk in the legislation but it completely just isn’t acceptable to two-wheelers and inner most autos. On the change hand, commercial autos like buses can even be fined in the occasion that they are conceal in violation of this specific piece of the legislation. 

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