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Egypt detained Ever Given for blocking the Suez Canal

Egypt- Officials in Egypt have now seized the Ever Given as authorities in the country demand. The shipowner needs to make a payment of around $1 billion for blocking the Suez Canal for several months.

On Tuesday, Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority has detained the ship as per Ahram Online.

However, the Egyptian authorities have penalized Ever Given’s owner Shoei Kisen Ltd., for $900 million. This charge is because the ship has caused damage to the canal and loss of business.

Ryu Murakoshi a spokesperson for the company informed the reporters that Shoei Kisen Kaisha Ltd is in “negotiation on compensation.”

In early April, Shoei Kisen Kaisha has filed a general average claim by splitting the $900 million demand between the boat’s insurer and the owners of cargo atop the ship.

As per the General average principle of maritime law, it is needed any of the ship’s consumers to share the risk and costs that involve if the ship faces a tragedy or failure.

Abdul Serang, who is the general secretary-cum-treasurer of the National Union of Seafarers in India, informed Insider that the crew members are treated well and continues to be paid.

Instead of the recent news, Serang mentioned that the crew members were not worried about it yet. Serang exclaimed, “The crew members are relaxed because they know that they are employed with Bernard Schulte Company and they are covered by the union agreements. Their professionalism has not been questioned and it is just a matter of time, anytime soon, for them to start sailing.”

Notably, the Ever Given has risen to international prominence after it turned stuck three weeks ago and was blocked by international freight traffic for six days. Well, the ship might be unstuck but experts believe that the Shipwreck caused a huge impact on the global supply chain for the upcoming months.

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