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Elon Musk drops a one-note message for all cryptocurrency patrons

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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is a vocal supporter of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. The enviornment’s richest person has backed the cryptocurrency, without prolong or indirectly, a bunch of situations within the brand new months.Now, Musk has as soon as as soon as more spoken out in relationship to Dogecoin. He has a message for all cryptocurrency patrons.The message came as a response to a tweet by Invoice Lee, the founding companion at West Waft Holdings, who will most definitely be an investor in some Elon Musk ventures.Lee changed into as soon as himself responding to a tweet which talked about a crypto gateway known as MyDogeWallet, which talked about its vision to “fracture the dependence on CEXs love binance and robinhood and let #shibes opt custody of their hold coins!”Responding to this tweet, which talked about lowering dependence on crypto procuring and selling platforms, Lee wrote, “now not your keys, now not your crypto.”Responding to Lee’s tweet, Musk wrote his mind in a single note – “Precisely”.

Precisely— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 24, 2021

The expression “now not your keys, now not your crypto” is generally a in style expression within the crypto world known as “now not your keys, now not your coins” the place serious patrons purchase to keep up inner most keys associated to their sources or funds because now not proudly owning a inner most key methodology that an investor is entrusting a third occasion to keep up their sources safe.Elon Musk has earlier voiced out his opinion on the formulation cryptocurrency exchanges arrange sources owned by retail patrons. Musk seems to be to be vouching for the foundation of breaking the dependence of retail patrons on exchanges to know and defend their cryptocurrencies.

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