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Elon Musk says he once considered selling Tesla to Apple, Tim Cook didn’t want to take a meeting

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  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Tuesday, “During the darkest days of the Model 3 program, I reached out to Tim Cook to discuss the possibility of Apple acquiring Tesla (for 1/10 of our current value). He refused to take the meeting.”
  • Musk and Tesla have not discussed considering selling the company in any financial filings.
  • The news comes one day after Reuters reports that Apple is once again getting serious about getting into the automotive industry, a persistent rumor since 2015.

On Tuesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that he considered selling his electric vehicle organization to Apple as of late, however Apple CEO Tim Cook was not keen on taking a gathering.

In particular, Musk wrote in a tweet on December 22:

“During the haziest days of the Model 3 program, I connected with Tim Cook to examine the chance of Apple securing Tesla (for 1/10 of our present worth). He wouldn’t take the gathering.”

On Tuesday, Musk likewise offered comments about lithium iron phosphate batteries that Apple is purportedly producing for use in vehicles, per a Reuters report on Monday.

“Abnormal, assuming valid,” Musk composed. “Tesla as of now utilizes iron-phosphate for medium reach vehicles made in our Shanghai industrial facility.- A mono cell is electrochemically unthinkable, as the max voltage is ~100X excessively low. Perhaps they implied cells reinforced together, similar to our primary battery pack?”

It was an uncommon affirmation from the inconsistent CEO that he once thought to be surrendering control of the organization he caused assemble and take to a market esteem that is more than the main nine automakers consolidated. Tesla has not talked about a deal in any monetary recording.

In 2018, Musk did freely say the vehicle business was “hellfire,” and that he was resting at the plant to attempt to tackle the issues the organization was having as it attempted to begin mass-assembling its Model 3 electric cars.

He likewise recently stated, in a tweet, that Tesla once got “about a month” from insolvency during the Model 3 increase — a detail that the organization never unveiled in its quarterly filings.

Tesla and Apple have consistently sought ability in and past Silicon Valley. In 2015, Musk called Apple the Tesla burial ground. “On the off chance that you don’t make it at Tesla you go work for Apple,” he joked at that point.

In July 2018, Apple recruited Tesla designing boss Doug Field — a previous Apple worker — back to the organization, following scores of different representatives.

At that point, Tesla enlightened CNBC in a proclamation concerning Apple’s capacity to poach key workers from its positions: “Tesla is the hard way. We have multiple times less cash than Apple, so obviously they can bear to pay more. We are in amazingly troublesome fights against dug in auto organizations that make multiple times a larger number of vehicles than we did a year ago, so obviously this is difficult work.”

Apple has never recognized designs to assemble a vehicle, yet Cook has conceded that it’s dealt with “self-ruling frameworks” that could be utilized in self-driving vehicles or for different purposes.

Apple and Tesla didn’t quickly react to demands for input.

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