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Elon Musk starts following Narendra Modi on Twitter, users shock if Tesla’s India days lie forward

Twitter proprietor Elon Musk began following Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday. In the listing of 195 of us Musk follows, PM Modi’s title regarded on Monday.

The screenshot of the listing shared on the microblogging platform quickly acquired traction. Spherical 134.3 million of us note Musk, which makes him primarily the most followed particular person on Twitter.

The feat turn into done by him in unhurried March as he surpassed former US President Barack Obama.

With more than 87.7 million followers, PM Modi is one among primarily the most followed political leaders on Twitter. The news relating to the update within the listing of Musk’s followers turn into shared on Twitter by “Elon Indicators”, which forever screens the command of the myth owned by the Tesla chief.

The new constructing sparked a brand new debate on Twitter as some users hoped that this turn into a signal of the advent of Tesla in India.

“What made Elon Musk to look at Narendra Modi of India? Attain we seek details from a producing facility there $TSLA. Let’s opinion,” quizzed one particular person while reacting to the news.

Beforehand, Musk had acknowledged that electric autos is presumably no longer manufactured by Tesla in India unless it’s licensed to first sell and provider them domestically.

Indian Street Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, on the diverse hand, had acknowledged that the executive will solely enable Tesla to sell autos in India if it’s manufacturing electric autos within the country.

Few users acknowledged that efforts are being made by PM Modi to fabricate India an even bigger country.

“Thanks Elon Musk! As our PM Modiji is taking efforts to fabricate our country higher, affluent, progressive & red meat up of us’ lives, Elon Musk will most seemingly be striving for making world sane, wokism free, assuring upright society & higher future existence for right this moment time’s youngsters. Wish each easiest needs!” commented a particular person.

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As per a document published by the Guinness World Information Twitter has 450 million monthly active users roughly, which displays that 30 per cent of total Twitter users are following Musk.

In October 2022, Musk took charge of Twitter. At that time, he had around 110 million users. In five months, the next elevated to 133 million.

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