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Stay fit during your pregnancy with ILove9Months

During pregnancy, exercise plays an important role and you need to do everything which will help in giving birth to a healthy baby. A right move or step can help you in getting rid of a few discomforts. For the right guidance, you need to get in touch with the right place.

The co-founder of ILove9Months, Ganga has more than 18years of experience in the field of fitness and wellness. She also has specialization in the wellness departments. As the subject matter expert in the team of ILove9Months, she handles the designs and development of the services.

Suma comes with India’s first pregnancy fitness and wellness initiative. She said, ‘Though there are many fitness centers in our country, what makes us different from them is that we become a complete guide for a healthy and happy pregnancy, which includes guiding and empowering women who plan to conceive, want a peaceful pregnancy, and are also looking forward to having a stress-free post-pregnancy period. To make our services more accessible, we are launching an app as well.”

ILove9Months started its expedition with the motive to help women in overcoming the myriad of challenges during their pregnancy. Ganga and her team work day and night in order to bring an effective solution that will eliminate the challenges one after another. The main aim of the company is to create evidence-based information, support, and infrastructure. This solution will be affordable and accessible to the millions of pregnant women in the country for helping them in making the right choices for themselves and their baby.

Team ILove9Months believes in envisions of a healthy mother and baby. Unlike the other mobile apps that provide the customized data on menstruation, pregnancy, ovulation, fertilization, and conception, ILove9months is an exclusive tool for women. It is a platform that helps the family in sharing their concerns and joy of expecting their baby. Moreover, it helps with physical and mental exercises that prevent the conditions like prenatal depression and postpartum disorders.

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