Entrepreneurial Education for Young Girls

Carrie Smith, Owner of Carefulcents, defines an entrepreneur as “Someone who looks at life a little differently. They don’t see the normal obstacles that life puts in us and shy away like most of us do. They think the word no means to find a different or better way. They are continually learning and reaching higher.” People make a common assumption to think entrepreneurs and business people as the same. Both words refer to an individual doing business, but what differs is the approach to doing business. To simply put, a businessman is a person who follows age-old conventional methods of doing business. In contrast, an entrepreneur believes in innovation, thinks, and believes in his way of doing business.  An entrepreneur is a risk-taker who innovates new ideas, continually gains knowledge to take his business to new heights. An entrepreneur implements innovation at each step that she/he takes in business through thorough research and knowledge building.  For an entrepreneur taking the risk is the key to business growth. An entrepreneur’s ability to take the risk by calculating a probable result and having contingency plans in place through careful planning and knowledge building is the leader’s making.

Entrepreneurship can impact the economy of a country. It improves the standard of living and changes the way we work or live. Entrepreneurs are leaders who create opportunities through their ventures for society. As a result, many experienced people in business, politicians, and educationists believe fostering robust entrepreneurial education will enhance social, economic, and cultural growth. Entrepreneurial education imparts an entrepreneurial mindset in people, and an entrepreneurial mindset can empower ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary results. Entrepreneurial education improves the problem solving and decision-making ability of a person. It also people strengthens teamwork, money management ability, and enhances social and psychological development.

Over the years, the role of women has changed drastically. With society being more accepting and thriving for equality, women are now entering all walks of life for the good. This inclusion is welcomed with a positive attitude. More and more efforts are made to improve society to build an inclusive world. Women from across the globe are starting a business. According to the study made by Global Entrepreneur Monitor (GEM) 2016, 126 million women are starting or running a business, with over 98 million women are operating an established business. Studies suggest that women’s entrepreneurship at its full potential adds 150 to 170 million new jobs. Many women entrepreneurs have made their mark in society and contribute tons to the economy and social development of their community, country, or even globally. However, many women are making a significant mark on society over the years are enthusiastically raising income through their micro ventures lack proper support and education. These women lack access to adequate education, technical and financial aid and can still propel their small business merely by their enthusiasm and hard work. Therefore, there is a need for proper support through education for women in our society.  

There is a need to nurture entrepreneurship in young girls. Institute like LeenaBOT Robotics support entrepreneurial education, robotics, and coding pieces of training for very young girls to bring innovation at a very early age. Programs need to be developed to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in young girls. Only then can we bridge the gap of inequality. Entrepreneurial education can help young girls develop vital skills to serve them in all walks of life, preparing for all future uncertainties. One can argue that entrepreneurial education can benefit almost everyone irrespective of gender, but girls benefit the most. The underrepresentation of women in industries, corporates, and businesses needs to be bridged. Imparting entrepreneurial education to young girls will be a crucial step in bridging the gender gap and making the future world leaders. It lets girls to embrace their competitive side and improves their leadership skill. Recent studies suggest that women-owned firms are more successful than men-owned firms. Compared to men, women have better social skills and balance intuition and thinking, traits highly valued to be an entrepreneur. All the more reasons to make an early investment can promise great results in the future.

Education runs deep, and it has permeated every culture, country, continent, and society. Education defines growth. For this reason, knowledge can close gaps of inequality, rebuild what is broken, and create a masterpiece that will fuel future growth. To be able to impart entrepreneurial education for young girls will amend past inequalities and pave to the creation of future leaders.

Prakash Kanade 

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