Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 10 | Issue Month:October | Issue Year:2022

Mahesh Kurmi teaches math and physics at a renowned institution in India. He enjoys learning about science, creating educational software, and playing with technology. He has created several apps that facilitate effective subject exploration for both teachers and students.

When Mr. Mahesh Kurmi noticed a gap in his students’ understanding of physics, he developed SimPHY. With the help of his coding skills and passion, he was able to construct this software. He then worked with his students to develop the software together. His passion for technological innovation and unconventional thinking, along with his dedication to his students, inspired him to develop this ground-breaking software.

SimPHY is a leader in the education technology sector. A ground-breaking release is a simulation system that gives teachers and users creative control. SimPHY offers educators the chance for a limitless virtual realm, offering the user total control, in contrast to the hard programmed and constrained simulations now in use. It is user-friendly because to the simple interface and pre-coded tools that cover the majority of physics and mathematics areas.

SimPHY allows users to make limitless simulations with an accuracy making it fit for data extraction in laboratories. The precoded tool format of SimPHY is a godsend for users struggling with coding, since the tools work in a drag and drop manner there is absolutely no requirement for coding or scripting unless the user chooses to. In which case SimPHY also supports scripting and with it’s IntelliSense enabled script editor it can be used to produce stunning 2D and 3D simulations and even games.

SimPHY is a STEM.org accredited software with the goal to enhance and revolutionize STEM teaching. With users scattered all over the globe, SimPHY has left a mark on Physics education. Esteemed universities all over the world have shown great appreciation for the software with some designing semester long courses on SimPHY. SimPHY allows visualization of the real world with real world cause and effects makingit a growing necessity for Physics learners and academics.

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