Evolving Startups 2022: Biomentors by Dr. Geetendra Singh

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Making the difficult medical entrance tests in India simple was extremely difficult, but Dr. Geetendra Singh, CEO and founder of online Biomentors classes, managed it. made it happen and made it simple to pass medical entrance exams.

Dr. Geetendra Singh is a doctor in Bandra East, Mumbai. He is a renowned diabetologist who established biomentors lessons online in 2017 to assist poor students who are unable to pay the high tuition of offline colleges. Beginning with the very clear mission statement, “Best education for everyone at bare minimal cost,”

Currently, one of India’s top edtech platforms for medical entrance test preparation is Biomentors Online (NEET). Since 2017, more than 11000 MBBS candidates have been chosen via online Biomentors classes at various government medical institutions.

How it started!

Dr. Geetendra Singh told to Global Business line team that it all started by an incident, One of his close friends from MBBS days called him and asked for Dr. Geetendra Singh’s assistance in persuading his niece to take commerce instead of biology because she wants to become a doctor and needs coaching classes to do so. The problem is that since her parents died in a car accident, nobody will be able to pay her tuition. A middle class household might find the expense of coaching lessons in Kota to be quite high—especially if the youngster is dependent on family members. Dr. Geetendra phoned the young woman and explained everything, but she was adamant about becoming a doctor so she could help people. The only issue is the expensive cost of coaching sessions.

Dr. Geetendra was greatly impacted by all of these events, therefore in 2017 he made the decision to launch a YouTube channel for free education. It was first formed just to aid that girl, but within a short while, hundreds of needy kids joined the channel and requested an application or website with study materials and quizzes. Dr. Geetendra created the first Biomentors website himself with the use of a goDaddy website builder, and it cost about INR16,000.

It was a fairly straightforward service that aids students in finding study materials for anything covered in YouTube lessons. It’s time to create a mobile application since after a few months, thousands of students visited the website every day. In 2018, the first mobile application was released, however it collapsed a short time afterwards. then our own technological team steadily develops. More than 140 people work with Biomentors Online currently in various divisions. Thry set out on this trip to give others in need of strength, and they are currently following that course. Biomentors are the only edutech firm that employs thousands of students in instruction each year while being a bootstrapped business.

In 2016, Dr. Geetendra Singh started a diabetic clinic in the renowned Indian business district of BKC Mumbai. For my clinic, I purchased a rather tiny location of about 200 square feet.

I started recording lectures for the NEET candidates to assist them grasp biology properly and efficiently because majority of Dr. Geetendra’s patients come in the evening for consultations. He had no idea that a seemingly insignificant action would result in such significant results. More than 6 million students from all throughout the nation have received instruction from biomentors to date. There are also students from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal in Dr. Geetendra Singh’s team.

Biomentors is an army like disciplined online education environment & good reputation among those students who are serious about their selection.

Our results are our strength.

Being a bootstrapped business, Biomentors don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising and client acquisition. Biomentors solely use word-of-mouth advertising.

Many sponsored edtech startups are currently creating a false buzz in the market but are unable to fulfil the level of quality that they promise, endangering public confidence in online learning as a whole. Therefore, we are concerned about students’ faith in online learning, particularly in the wake of COVID. Biomentors are quite concerned about the state of the market.

Biomentors Vision is By 2023, Biomentors to construct 100 command centres in remote areas to offer students a productive learning environment with cutting-edge technology. Biomentors are developing learning based on AI.

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