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Exclusive- Amazon to shut down its Prime Delivery App

The new updates say Amazon has recently announced to shut down its standalone application “Prime Now Delivery Application” and the two-hour delivery option will now roll out on its main application and website. 

This action has already taken place in India, Japan, and Singapore, and there it’s working on the main app and website. 

The company also stated that in the United States it began making two-hour delivery from Whole Foods Market and AmazonFresh available on Amazon in 2019. It had also decided to move their Third-party partners and local stores to the Amazon shopping experience before the Prime Now App is retired later this year, said vice President Stephenie Landry. 

The app was launched in 2014. And now it decided to have only one convenient application for everything shopping, tracking orders, and contacting customer service for further support. 

The Vice President also stated- The same ultrafast delivery on everyday essentials, toys, gifts, high-quality groceries, and more you have come to expect with Prime Now and now available on Amazon. 

Taking feedback from customers and functioning over it will always be beneficial. Even customer feedback on two-hour delivery has been positive, and thus the company decided to simplify it to serve with better solutions and ultrafast delivery. 

In the United States, customers can add items or purchase products from their Alexa shopping list to their Amazon Fresh with a few clicks. 

It will be exciting to see how Amazon incorporates everything under one roof for customers to get best-in-class services.

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