Exclusive: India to become a No. 1 EV maker in the world- says Nitin Gadkari

The ongoing growing concerns over environmental degradation, and rising fuel consumption raising the need to think and find a feasible and eco-friendly way of transportation to reduce pollution. 

Recently on Sunday, the union minister Nitin Gadkari expressed confidence that lithium-ion batteries would be manufactured fully independently in the nation in the next 6 months and India will become the No. 1 electric vehicle maker across the globe. 

While talking about the recent Amazon startup event- Amazon Smbhav, 2021 virtually, Gadkari said that the government will encourage automakers to introduce flex-fuel engines in the nation and he is in the final discussion with the producers. 

He also highlighted the fact that the government is also working towards launching hydrogen fuel cell technology, which uses chemical reactions between hydrogen and oxygen to generate electrical energy. It will also eliminate the use of fossil fuels. 

Moreover, earlier this month, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas announced a partnership between state-run oil company IndianOil and Phinergy, an Israeli start-up form to build Aluminium-air Systems in the country. 

He stated and expressed a belief that in the next two years, the cost of electric vehicles will come down and will be as competitive as petrol and diesel vehicles or auto. He said there’s an urgent need for the quality of EVs manufactured in India to be of the international standard hub in the world. To achieve this, the administration is now supporting the use of ethanol, methanol, bio-CNG, electric, and hydrogen fuel cells. 

Well, we all are aware of the degrading factors which are affecting the earth’s atmosphere, raising consumption, including a number of vehicles resulting in excessive pressure on earth, which raises the need of finding a way to live in a balanced way.  

He also said- that e-mobility will be an important tool to develop pollution-free transportation in India. He even pointed out that India imports around INR 8 lakh are a crore worth of crude oil, and that is going to be more and doubled in the coming years. It will surely have a huge impact on the nation’s economy thus it is necessary to look for an efficient and alternative mode of energy, to have a clean and safe environment to live in. 

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