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Exclusive: Microsoft Teams now has 145M daily active users

The Tech giant Microsoft is always up with new technologies and tools to serve the audience as per the trends and needs. 

The product for virtual meetings Microsoft teams which are driven by online work and learning has made the ongoing covid-19 pandemic now achieve a target of 145 million daily active users all across the globe. It is almost double the number as compared to last year. The good news has been first shared by the chief executive officer of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. 

Already known the major reason for its ultimate growth is the need for virtual meetings, online learning, and group studies to continue with professional or educational work amid global pandemic. The number of organizations with more than 1000 users is deploying their third party and line of business applications with teams has increased nearly three times by every single year. 

The CEO said while the company’s earnings call late on Tuesday-  in markets where employees have returned to the workplace including New Zealand, China, Australia, South Korea, and Taiwan we have seen usage continue to grow. 

With the ongoing appreciation, increasing usage and high rate of adoption Microsoft team has added more than 300 features in the application since 2020 and including more than a hundred new powers or capabilities in 2021. 

For instance, some of its leading customers like Sanofi and GM are using teams for unified communications including for voice among the workforce. 

The company stated that the application is extending beyond communications and creating an entirely new category of modern collaborative applications as organizations use power platforms to develop custom apps, bots, and workflows within the platform. 

He also added that “we added support for shared workspaces with people outside the organization and we are seeing teams used for everything from virtual retail showrooms and personal shopping to interactive webinars”. 

Lastly, with the explanation growth, the Microsoft team’s arrival zoom revealed in 2020 that it had 300 million daily active participants will Google said it had hundred million daily active participate on its neet application but Microsoft is on its way to reach a target and beat everyone else. 

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