Exclusive: New SmartThings Update lets you know if you are being tracked

Samsung already introduced its SmartThings Find in 2020, in the United States. It was a way to locate Galaxy phones, tablets, earbuds, watches, via Bluetooth low energy and ultra-wideband (UWB). 

After the launch of Samsung’s SmartThings or SmartTag accessories became very popular among Galaxy users. And later, the Korean smartphone giant decided to make the tag even more advanced and useful for its users by adding a couple of new features. 

In case you aren’t aware of what it is, then the SmartTag is quite handy, and you can easily hang it in keyrings, backpacks, wallets, and other items. It will benefit you in finding a Samsung device like your phone.  

The first exclusive feature is adding a voice assistant to the Tag. As people are already aware of Samsung’s digital assistant “Bixby”. Now you can use it for a hands-free experience over Galaxy SmartTag searches. Now you just have to say- “Hi Bixby” where’s my phone, or earbuds and more? The tag will find it and share the location with you instantly by giving you an indication with a ring. 

Another interesting feature coming next week is termed as “Unknown Tag Search”. It can help you detect a Galaxy SmartTag that you don’t own is moving along with you. This will be supposed to scan for unknown SmartTags, to make a list to ensure nobody is tracking your location. 

For privacy concerns, the Tag finds user data is well encrypted, every precaution taken to prevent the reveal of your device’s location is more than welcomed. If you are using Samsung’s Tag, you will soon be having these two new features, most probably by the next week. 

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