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The way businesses enable sales will never be the same again. The COVID-19 pandemic has enforced a harsh tradeoff between protecting lives and livelihoods and the need to stay indoors, maintain social distancing and the freeze on mobility to contain the contagion has surely hit businesses where it hurts the most; sales. Business and economy follow a standard thumb rule of passing through the costs to the next individual and institution in the value chain. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that sales executives as a professional community have been hit hard.

2020: The Year That Was "Not for Sales"

The COVID-19 pandemic in fact has thrown up a two-fold challenge to the sales function. The health crisis has consumed most of the year and now businesses need to do the balancing act of growing sales while reducing or at least maintaining the existing costs. Expansion of the sales force through direct recruitment is the first means for businesses to achieve sales growth. But doing so will come with an increase in costs. Second, logistical mobility is still a challenge and comes with an increase in selling costs against businesses’ efforts to penetrate deep-seated opportunities in the market to engage with customers, fulfill orders and realize sales. Third, with social distancing being the norm of the day, insights into competitor activity and market trends are hard to come by. As such, scaling growth now and beyond the pandemic will come with a steep rise on the cost curve for businesses.

The Paradox and a Blueprint to Bring Together Businesses and Sales Executives

It is subversive if not paradoxical that despite sales being the lifeline of businesses and several business shocks including the ongoing pandemic there is no dedicated platform to bring together businesses and sales executives on the same page. Under these circumstances and bearing in mind that the disruption that the pandemic has caused, there is an opportunity for businesses and sales executives to collaborate through a “scope-of-work marketplace” that is exclusively dedicated to sales outsourcing.

What Are the Opportunities for Businesses and Sales Executives Beyond the Pandemic?

Every crisis brings a challenge and therefore an opportunity to create value both for the economy and the society. Working from home has in fact allowed salespeople to innovate and explore new ways of customer engagement, tap into digital tools and platforms and keep businesses going. Sales executives are eager to unlock their energies with renewed vigor and energy. Furthermore, the festive season is just around the corner and is the right time for businesses to push forward with agility to grow their sales and also for sales executives to bounce back. A technology-enabled platform to zero down gaps between them can unlock sales growth and create new vistas. Sales outsourcing can work for both sales executives and businesses.

What Are the Benefits of a Dedicated Platform for Sales Executives?

A dedicated platform where sales talent meets sales opportunities for businesses will be a winning partnership. It will augment income stream diversification for sales executives which is the key to de-risking career paths. Such a platform will create opportunities for sales executives to leverage domain expertise across similar businesses. Furthermore, it will allow sales executives to optimize their time and efforts to scale up income. It will create an avenue for performance-based remuneration for sales executives and strengthen their work life balance by empowering them through work-from-home, remote working and hybrid models of sales outsourcing. Moreover, it will provide sales professionals with higher visibility and recognition before businesses.

How Do Lead Experts Zero Down This Gap for Sales Executives?

Lead Experts are pioneers an independent network of sales professionals; the first of its kind in India. Our sales outsourcing platform brings together multiple businesses and sales executives under one roof. We map businesses’ sales requirements against sales talent and remuneration and pivot businesses towards outcomes-based sales force expenses, thus allowing them to grow their sales and contain sales force expenses. Businesses can outsource their sales and diversify their sales force to gain insider information on competitor activity, market trends, and go-to-market strategies. Most importantly, our scope-of-work platform deregulates sales executives from the boundaries of single-employer association and sets them on track for exponential growth in their income streams, while also offering a formidable cushion against career risks. In a way, Lead Experts integrate the best of both the worlds-income growth coupled with de-risking of career tracks. It is only humble to suggest that if there has ever been an opportunity for India incorporation to recognize and leverage India’s true potential in sales, it is during the pandemic and beyond. Now is the time to catalyze sales growth and make it work for both businesses and sales executives.

Sales Executives Should Do the New and Onboard the Platform When It’s Still New

Lead Expert’s sales outsourcing platform is a business innovation that is poised to bring together India’s rich, dynamic and enterprising sales talent at the doorsteps of businesses. Scope-of-work platforms are potent employment generating machines and in a country like ours that is no way short of talent, being first at the platform translates into tremendous prospects to be the first to showcase their sales talent to businesses. We request sales executives to onboard the platform now to grab the first-mover’s advantage and make themselves visible to businesses. We are waiting to unlock the energy of young, dynamic and result-oriented sales executives. Their high energy can give more returns if they are not tied in working hours and days. We believe that in order to optimize the performance of sales executives you need to set them free and unlock their agility. Now is the time to do so. When salespeople open themselves to doing business, businesses will open new doors for them. Lead Experts are here to lead sales professionals to the new normal of sales; sales outsourcing. Do the new while it is still new!

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