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Extreme heat: Europe’s Drought, White roads- Is it connected?

Europe to suffer Worst drought in 2100 years!

Tree Rings confirmed that Europe is facing one of the worst droughts in the last 2100 years. Moreover, back in 2015, when Europe suffered from an extremely hot climate, it’s more serious than that one. The changing environment and climate conditions and other factors are extremely resulting in hot weather all around the world. 

This has been confirmed also by a reconstruction of the hydro-climatic conditions which was carried out by a team of scientists to check and analyze everything more precisely. They had considered every single factor to reach this concrete conclusion full stop moreover the researchers have used tree trunks and analyzed the evolution of their growth rings which surprisingly offered abundant information about the climatic conditions in the European region. 

Europe facing the worst drought conditions in 2100 years. Sources: Internet 

This fact and news was backed by the return work and analysis which was published in the general Nature Geoscience and directed by the University of Cambridge. This generally suggests that this phenomenon is due to anthropogenic climate change and other variations in jet streams. 

It’s not only your up who is suffering from extreme heat but there are numerous countries and Nations which are experiencing climatic changes which are degrading the environment and creating lots of problems to human life and nature. The majority of the nation is worried about the climatic conditions and held and participated in multiple discussions and talks with other leaders to find the right solution and to save the earth to make it a better place to live in. 

The increasing heatwaves have had devastating consequences said by researchers. They caused thousands of early deaths destroying crops and igniting forest fires and so on. Not only this it also resulted in low river levels which resulted in shipping traffic and affected the cooling of nuclear power stations drastically. The main area of concern for all is that the climatic experts predicted more extreme and frequent heatwaves and drought in the coming years which we need to get prepared for. 

Roads to be painted white- is it connected? 

The changing climatic conditions and heating up of the earth’s atmosphere made the whole thing get worried! It was back and now that the cities and counties found out ways to cool down. Right after we read about the extreme situation of Europe, LA (Los Angeles) initiated to paint the roads white, but why? 

LA is among the most happening places ever, for first-time visitors. A place where winters are frigid and the best part is how green it is! 

Apart from all this, it has one of the exacerbated issues that the city is also tackling head-on: the extreme heat island effect. 

Urban heat island effect 

It was explained by CBS Los Angeles that dark-colored roads or black as a color positively bakes when temperature rises, it absorbs around 85% to 90% of sun rays. During a normal summer day, the L.A. roads can climb up to 50 degrees higher. Due to this, ambient heat radiates into the surroundings. 

This led to numerous consequences- stifling and unhealthy conditions for residents, extreme usage of fans, and other cooling appliances. 

Spread White – the solution! 

Roads are painted white- to cool down streets in Los Angeles. Sources: Internet

 Officials and authorities came up with a different solution that was “Painting blacktop White”.

In 2020, the city’s Street painting crusade began which was headed by the city of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services. The best part was it came out to be a success. The roads were painted by the water-based off-whitish Cool Seal, which reflects the sun rays instead of absorbing. 

Lastly, in the San San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Canoga Park, the temperature was recorded around 23 degrees less than before. 

Note: This news is based on millions of articles over the internet, Global Business Line does not take any responsibility for the facts and information mentioned in this news article.

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