Facebook more than 500 account details are on the web!

Recently, it has been seen that details from more than 500 million Facebook users have been found available on a website for hackers. The data appears to be several years old. This is another instance of the vast amount of information collected by Facebook and other social media sites. 

The illegal availability of the data set was first reported by Business Insider. It has information from around 106 countries including phone numbers, Facebook IDs, names, locations, email addresses, and birth dates. 

Facebook has been fighting with data security and it is becoming an area of concern for years. 

Earlier in 2018, the social media giant facebook disabled a feature that allowed users to search for one another through phone number following revelations that the political firm Cambridge Analytica had accessed data on up to 87 million Facebook nuses without their knowledge or consent. 

Later in the year of 2019, a Ukrainian security researcher reported finding a database with the names, unique user IDs, phone numbers, of more than 267 million facebook users, and more- it was all open on the internet. 

It is not 100% sure that the data dump is related to this database. The Menlo Park, California based company said in a statement- This is the old data that was previously reported on in 2019. He added “we found and fixed this issue in August 2019”. 

The way Facebook is rigging high, and more and more people are joining together, there’s always risk of data breaching, unethical hacking of personal data and information, but yes tech firms try to ensure hard enough to make the security better and let users use the platform without any hindrance.

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