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Fear of dozens of death after train derails within the tunnel: Taiwan

Fear of death arose in the mind of people as a train carrying around 350 passengers derailed inside a tunnel in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Central Emergency Operation centre mentioned that rescuers are now struggling to access four categories inside the tunnel which are “badly damaged.” As per Reuters quoting the local transport ministry, over 72 people are injured. However, this accident occurred at the beginning of the annual Tomb Sweeping festival, a typically high traffic period.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen mentioned, “An accident occurred this morning at a tunnel in Hualien.”

“Emergency rescue mechanisms have been put in place for the sick and injured. Rescuing those trapped is our highest priority now.”

Reuters quoting the fire department mentioned that almost 100 people can be evacuated from four of the train’s carriages.

Notably, the only pictures have shown the people in unaffected carriage s walking along the train tracks with their belongings.

Well, the Qingming festival is also known as Tomb Sweeping Day which is basically a time when people will be visiting the graves of friends and family, sprucing up the area, and making offerings to their spirits.

Typically, people are now traveling during this time for paying respects to the dead.

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