FEES Swallowing Perceive

Hello, Addie. I am Carrie. I am a speech pathologist. I will be serving to out with the review today. We’re going to be doing a form of swallowing review the build we assign a camera for your nose. We come up with varied consistencies of meals objects to swallow and behold you swallow these. This is the camera we will spend. It goes for your nose about this some distance, correct kind a puny bit bit past that white line. There would possibly be now not grand condominium between your nose and your throat, so it doesn’t have to head in very some distance. We’re now not in there very prolonged. Fair prolonged ample to take a look around on the anatomy, come up with a few issues to eat and drink, behold you swallow these after which we come out, okay. So the various objects we will be swallowing. We must total an assortment of consistencies, so we dwell a thin liquid, a puree, after which a solid consistency. I assign a puny bit green meals coloring within the liquid and the puree that correct kind permits us to scrutinize it better when the cameras in assign. Ok.

Proceduralist: Ready?

Assistant: Some behind deep breaths.

Carrie: That is absolutely the worst fragment genuine there.

Assistant: Appropriate job.

Proceduralist: Are you able to peep?

Assistant: Are you able to peep on the TV?

Carrie: Totally whilst you happen to’d esteem.

Proceduralist: We can uncover you afterwards too.

Carrie: Ready for me?

Assistant: Want a pair sips of juice.

Carrie: Race forward and take a pair more for me. Appropriate.

Assistant: Some applesauce.

Carrie: Your varied hand. Race forward and take a chunk of this kind of. And every other. You would possibly switch your head a puny bit bit. All genuine. That is it.

Proceduralist: Are you accomplished?

Carrie: I am accomplished.

Proceduralist: On the scheme out. Wonderful.

Assistant: You did it! Appropriate job.

Oct. 20, 2021


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