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Find out how EdTech startups are flourishing

EdTech industry is the second biggest sector in the world. Due to the lockdown, they have received a huge opportunity to shine brightly. By 2022, it is assumed that the EdTech industry will reach its billions soon. During the lockdown schools and coaching classes now highly depends on technology to continue teaching. Currently, EdTech companies are hiring more and invested more in their growth. The primary aim of the EdTech startups is to reach the target of different pain points for students and various costs.

EdTech startups are making use of software like virtual reality, automation, videos, and other automation to ensure education even more engaging and approachable. This kind of startups makes education even easier for everyone.

Find out the top 6 EdTech Startups-


With 21st century skills, NutSpace’s motive is to keep the future of the children ready. The company makes use of Proprietary Inventive Thinking Methodology which teaches children “how to learn”. This company runs an in-classroom program that offers experimental learning for developing independent thinking skills within the children. The content will help the children in improving their imagination, language skills, and listening skills.


CoachHub is referred to as a coaching cloud platform that offers to coach to the employees in all the career sections. 

This platform has a certified coach from different parts of the world. If you can meet the requirements then you can also become a coach. The platform offers live coaching sessions through video conferencing with flexible learning hours for all the employees. Through this coaching, you can transform the managers into inspiring leaders. Further, this will help in boosting the team performance and helps the employees to grow.

CoachHub operates from Berlin and it has already turned into a hub for experienced business coaches, serial entrepreneurs, leading IT engineers, and personnel development experts.

Coded Minds

Coded Minds have become one of the popular technology-education startups with the aim to revolutionize the archetype of education. The company highly focuses on the methods. It will start with the problem and inculcates a practical as well as hands-on project-based curriculum.

The primary aim of the company is to focus on real-world issues and supports in fixing the use of technology and innovation. The company is right now providing education to every student of all ages in North Africa, Asia Pacific, South Asia, and the Americans.  However, it is believed that education is purpose-driven. For this reason, it empowers children and adults to become creative, entrepreneurial, innovative, and disruptive. The company is funded by AI Arabi investments.


Well, Springboard provides users in-demand job skills which will support promoting their professional careers. These courses might be available online and they can be learned easily at any time. The company is offering a course on data science, design, analytics, security, and marketing. The main aim of the company is to create a new approach towards education.

As per the company, education is no more a one-time investment, which is a lifelong pursuit. The motive of the company is to develop courses that can help the students to thrive in their particular fields. The company received a fund of $22.2 from Reach Capital.


Labster is specifically an online platform that provides high school students with a better opportunity to do various experiments online within a risk-free environment. Notably, the company is the right solution for the third-world countries in which most of the students do not have access to the modern labs for performing Science, Physics, and Chemistry experiments.

Through Labster, one can prepare the latest technologies in a new way of experimenting and also experience practical learning starting from their homes.

The main aim of the company is to create an easily scalable online solution that will help to improve learning more significantly through standard methods and it will substantially reduce the costs.

Notably, the Labster platform involves molecular 3D animations, background theories that engage students in an immense and game-like multimedia experience. The company is funded with $34.2M from Owl Ventures.


Pleo offers company credit card services. Undoubtedly, this card is a win-win for both the employees and companies. Without opening the bank accounts, the companies can now issue these cards to all their employees. They can make use of their cards and they need to pay for all the services. They will get an idea of how much and where the employees are making use of their cards and they can craft discount deals for their employees. The will help the company to invest in funds. Notably, the company will give a share of their earning revenue to their employees. The company received funds of $78.8M from Stripes.

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