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Find out how to make use of TradeX platform

TradeX is a gaming platform that is a part of the Project TradeX ecosystem. This ecosystem offers various Crypto products and services, among which TradeX sports is one of the gaming and tournament organizing platforms. Moreover, it is completely made out of decentralized technology and here Crypto is the main focus. The platform is very simple and easy for the user to use. However, users need to sign up, set their account, and can also host their contest or tournament for themselves.

Bikram Basak, Founder and CEO

Bikram Basak, the founder and CEO of TradeX Ecosystem started his career in the financial sector from India. He was very eager to know about Global Finance but he was not satisfied with his work. After this, he joined the BPO voice department as a trainee and got promoted to the management field. In 2017, he started the following crypto very closely and started crafting news that states about the crypto coins and crypto markets. He went to Malaysia and Singapore to understand more about it and its market as it was not possible to know much in India. Towards the end of 2018, he exited from BPO and founded Project Tradex with the aim to build a donor chain. He and his team started the journey with the motive to spread crypto awareness globally. In 2019, after receiving support from investors, they developed their own ERC-20 tokens (TXH) and started building the Tradex Ecosystem.

In an interview with Global Business Line, Bikram Basak stated that anything that gives him the challenge to compete and win, unless he surrenders to the situation inspires him. He also mentioned that it may sound melodramatic, but this is something that he believes in and follows.

TradeX is a multi-utility token that supports the projects created with blockchain technology and having real-life use with a Dash integration. As the token is built on the ERC-20 platform, it is highly beneficial for the participants enrolling across different betting games. The primary aim of TradeX is to regulate and streamline the easy operational execution along with the other team members. It is rightly considered a valuable means of payment. It is extremely durable, impossible to forge, easy verification, portable, and also transferrable.

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