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Ramani Iyer’s Interview with Global Business line : Important message for Startups

Ramani Iyer, the co-founder of Justdial Ltd. has been associated with Just Dial since its incorporation. He has more than 26years of experience and while working with the company he has learned and expertise in several business strategic, development, expansion, operation as well as execution. He has closely worked with the startup and erected enterprises that bring innovative products to market. He has knowledge of bridging the gap between the executive and technical stakeholders. Notably, he an Angel investor and mentor with varied interests in several industries from Media and entertainment, Manufacturing as well as IoT.

In an interview with Global Business Line, when he was asked about his thoughts and message for younger entrepreneurs, he said he is quite impressed with the startup entrepreneur. At Global Business Summit by Global Triumph Foundation, he mentioned that he is happy and impressed with the number of people who took the award today. However, they are from a varied range of fields, they are working on and trying to bring some kind of improvement to the society.  He believes that the Indian future is going to be much better than today, as this was lacking earlier. Ramani Iyer said that if you take a look at 4 to 5years back you will find that very few take the initiative to become an entrepreneur.

Ramani Iyer mentioned that it makes him proud to see an 18years guy receiving. He wishes all the startups “All the Best” for the future.

As soon as, he was asked about the future of the economy after covid, he said that you will find that everyone has gone through ups and downs during the time of covid. Because of the covid, they are now mentally prepared. It was nothing known and it happened all of a sudden as every business got affected and assures that he also added that startups have their own struggles to make it big.

His advice to startups, “Just hold on to it, like what that required right now is persistence and give the right time. I’m sure that the future is going to be much brighter for you all.” He believes that people are soon going to get back to their own momentum, as they are waiting to come back. They are eager to get back to action and go back to their old lifestyle. He said, “I’m sure that you will have a good opportunity coming in.”

One of the Biggest Challenges in your career?

Ramani Iyer said, “Every day is a challenge, every time you try or attempt to do something new. Right, you will face the challenge for sure. You need to work upon them and try to build the entire thing. That’s how you overcome the challenges. So, I see the challenge is everything because, I always like to take risks, always like to do something new, innovative and this is how my life is. So, challenges are there.”

Ramani Iyer also added something which may be a serious or bigger challenge for him can be a small challenge for others. But the main thing is that when they come across the situations for overcoming the adversity and trying to make it big.

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