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Find out the top 4 best Food and Beverage Startups

Food and Beverages have now grown into a high growth and profit sector because of its larger potential for value addition. Well, countries all over the world are now experienced astonishing growth in the Food and Beverages sector in the last few years. It is noted that most of the countries in the world food and beverage market are now contributing to the major revenue of the country.

Often after long working hours and hectic schedules, people highly crave unhealthy food and beverage items. There are several conscious customers who want to break the pattern of unhealthy eating and drinking. To maintain a healthy environment, many new companies have come up.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 best Food and Beverage Startups-

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Meatable has gained recognition in the Food and beverage industry for the production of organic meat. They produce and sell lab-grown meat in the market. However, the founder of the company holds the point that the recent meat production is not capable of meeting the upcoming demands and it is too cruel to kill animals only for food.

However, Meatable takes a single cell from an unharmed animal and then starts developing that cell into real meat. To raise an animal this process will take years, Meatable can replicate the same process in only a couple of weeks.

Currently, Meatable has now several answers to enhance food security without making a compromise in health, taste, and the real meat. The company has received a fund of $1.6M from Golden Angel Investors.


Kitopi highly stands for Kitchen, Operation, and innovation. Moreover, it is defined as a state-of-the-Kitchen network that prepares as well as delivers food to the other retail outlets. You can say it is basically a managed cloud kitchen network in which the restaurant can place their orders and get their food delivered on time. Well, it benefits the restaurants, eateries, and brands to focus on the things that matter the most like budget, marketing, and innovative product. The company has received a fund of $89 from VentureSouq.


Well, availing beer in the US is quite difficult. TapRm is a new ecommerce store that will deliver beer right at your doorstep. Right now the service of TapRm is available in New York. Well, the company has received $1.7M from The Broe Group which is scaling the service to other US states.


Cooking meals is quite a tedious process, which can be endorsed by top chefs. Further, this is a wholesome exercise and couple up with the management of resources. This is now a single app that is changing the trend. In the Food and Beverage industry, Choco is an app that makes communication and ordering with the supplier simpler and faster.

Well, Choco is a new startup company that helps in connecting restaurants and suppliers.  It helps in simplifying the communication and orders also, the company has the potential to help millions of people all over the world. The company received a fund of $1.7M from The Broe Group.

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