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Find out what EaseMYTrip is offering to its customers

In 2008, EaseMyTrip started its operation with the prime focus on the B2B2C distribution channel and offers the travel agent access to its website for booking domestic travel airline tickets to cater to the offline market in India. Consequently, by leveraging the B2B2C Channel, the company commenced operations in the B2C distribution channel in 2011 by highly focusing on the developing Indian middle-class population’s travel requirements. Due to its presence in the B2B2C and B2C channels, they are trying to commence operations in the B2E distribution channel in 2013. Further, they aim to provide end-to-end travel solutions to corporates. Due to presence in the three distinct distribution channel, it offers with a diversified customer base and wider distribution network.

Moreover, the team is providing the customer with the option of a non-convenience fee which the customers are not required to recompense any service fee in instances where there is no alternate discount or promotion coupon that is being availed.

Nishant Pitti, CEO and Co-Founder of EaseMyTrip

Nishant Pitti has over 11years of experience in travel and tourism. He is the whole-time Director and CEO of EaseMyTrip. He is associated with the company since the time of incorporation. He is completely responsible for the overall management of the company, business development, and the financial aspects of the Company’s business. Later, he received the “Doctor of Excellence” for his excellence in the field of management from Confederations of International Accreditation Commission- (CIAC). In 2016, he received Global at the 6th International Education Forum, 2019, and ‘TnH Face of the Future’ at the Travel and Hospitality (TnH) Awards. Also, he was awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year in Service Business-Travel’ at the Entrepreneur Awards, 2019.

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