Gain Opie: Alignment, steadiness are key instruments for using Covid-19 waves with sustained success Inquire of Elon Musk

The accept as true with to seize who we’re and where we’re going is wanted in life but aligning that with a definite sense of why is serious for fulfilment. It’s no surprise that substantial champions of life share frequent traits as to how they dash about retaining their authentic and deepest lives optimally aligned and optimally balanced. While the Covid-19 pandemic has created exponential opportunities for these that insist themselves correct, it is peaceful taking and disrupting lives. Read about how the deepest brands of greats esteem South African-born Elon Musk space as a lot as manual definite of the general pandemic potholes. – Sharidyn Rogers

By Gain Opie*

Have you ever ever driven a car that has taken about a too many knocks from potholes and pavements? 

When a car’s alignment and steadiness are out, the hurry is beneath no circumstances stress-free. 

Fortunately, subtle engineering equipment exists to correct this scenario.

What happens in exact life when your life and deepest trace accept as true with taken about a too many knocks? 

South Africans are favorite for our high ranges of resilience and our ability to always soar assist stronger, yet, many will admit they’re feeling the effects of ‘pandemic fatigue’.

Investigation unearths that globally of us had been ready to hurry the Covid-19 waves in an awfully quite about a skill in what’s going to also be termed ‘Exponential tales of sustained success and significance’. 

No one extra so than South African- born Elon Musk.

We may per chance per chance well perchance argue that all the design in which by a virulent disease, one has to be within the staunch insist – within the staunch industry – on the staunch time. 

Nonetheless, further investigation unearths that the pandemic has created many exponential opportunities for these that insist themselves correct, these that engineer their deepest brands for. 

Performance, growth and contribution.

Human greatness leaves footprints, and the see of the general substantial champions of life unearths they share frequent traits in how they dash about retaining their authentic and deepest lives optimally aligned, and optimally balanced.

Let us set aside close a more in-depth see on the deepest trace of Elon Musk. We know a trace has two sure building blocks:  outer image and internal identification.

Musk has if truth be told had his outer image scrutinised at size but little is understood about his internal identification – the section that fuels human greatness, defined as sustained success and significance.

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It’s serious to expose that Musk’s seemingly overnight success has been an awfully long time coming. The Tesla inch dates assist to 2004 whereas his Save X inch began skill assist in 2002.

By taking trace of what the substantial champions lift out with alignment and steadiness, we can larger engineer our occupy lives to lift out life larger in 2022 and beyond.

How alignment plays a key feature in using human greatness?

Reports cover that the substantial champions of life all engineer their lives:

  • They space up correct.
  • They align their authentic and deepest lives.

Alignment skill achieving an awfully high stage of congruency between one’s cause, priorities and performance targets: the three serious Ps of a high- stage deepest trace .

This skill that reality, the increased the stage of congruency, the increased the stage of performance, growth and contribution.


Musk’s outlook on life unearths a man on an unrelenting mission – he’s repeatedly striving to uncover what’s and what’s going to accept as true with an affect on mankind essentially the most within the foreseeable future. His purpose is to uncover what’s now not any longer working and to repair it.

Musk is a man impressed by his mega- highly effective cause in life: to elevate humanity.

He wants attain zero motivation to procure off the bed within the morning. His immense deepest wealth is a substantial resource but it if truth be told has little to lift out with what drives him.


Analysis reveals the substantial champions space up their Immense Five priorities in hierarchical checklist, whereas moderate of us usually catch these subtle to suppose.

Precedence #1: Your self – make investments correctly in yourself in reveal to reduction and supplies to others.

Precedence #2: Your cause – make investments correctly for your cause as it is what’s going to encourage you to lift out extra.

Precedence #3: Your loved ones and chums – make investments correctly for your internal circles.

Precedence #4: Your properly being and wealth – make investments correctly as both of these are substantial resources, – and both can so effortlessly be misplaced.

Precedence #5: Your life-style – make investments correctly for your required life-style to compose sure you refuel yourself in reveal to vigorously pursue your cause in life.

Gain into legend the next knowledge from Bob Bulford:

“Champions recognise that self-curiosity is central to at least one’s human fabricate, but count essentially the most attention-grabbing compose because the goodwill of fellow humankind.” 

Thru their relentless kind out their hierarchical priorities, the substantial champions empower themselves to lift out extra.


Performance targets accept as true with to be very closely aligned with cause and priorities.

This ensures they will most likely be achieved. 

The main focal point is placed on the direction of, no longer the outcomes.

The purpose of curiosity and congruency of Musk’s 3Ps is the main driver for his exponential hurry of sustained success and significance.

How steadiness plays a key feature in using human greatness?

Basically the most highly effective universal precept of steadiness reads as:

“Too significant or too little of something – for too long – will procure a insist of imbalance (a insist of disease called illness) – as towards a insist of steadiness (a insist of ease called wellness). 

Most of us usually mediate steadiness within the procure of labor/life steadiness but it if truth be told is vital extra than resplendent that. 

Judge of steadiness as developing and retaining a insist of ease – wellness.

Human beings accept as true with one energy properly and it comes with three main energy buckets. 

At any given moment, we’re either filling or draining our human energy properly via the three buckets. 

It’s our job to compose sure these three buckets are ideally managed in reveal that we now accept as true with got the optimal quantity of energy to fulfil our cause.

Bucket #1 is the physical energy bucket (what we put into our bodies)

We are somewhat correct at this one. We know how significant sleep, train, etc we want and we usually catch some procure of optimal steadiness as a rule.

Bucket #2 is the chemical energy bucket (what we put into our mouths)

We tend to be somewhat correct at this as properly, as our bodies are fleet to expose us what they lift out no longer esteem by our mouths. 

If we habitually or unwittingly lift out no longer originate an optimal acid/alkaline steadiness via the chemical bucket, we soon catch ourselves in some roughly misfortune.

Bucket #3 is the emotional bucket (what we put into our minds)

This one gifts a a lot increased mission for us as human beings, and it is additionally the bucket that has performed an awfully main section in using ‘pandemic fatigue’ and a substantial selection of stress- related ailments circuitously linked to the pandemic. 

We have to offer protection to the door to our minds if we’re to lift steadiness via the emotional bucket.

Then there are the Immense Five negative human emotions: despise, resentment, guilt, criticism and futility (self-pity).

Most of us accept as true with little or no thought how these five highly toxic emotions – if and when held long flee – can and may per chance per chance well perchance peaceful self-sabotage their easiest-made plans for success and significance in life.

Fortunately, the Immense Five definite human emotions are some distance extra highly effective and may per chance per chance well perchance peaceful emotionally empower you to power your performance, growth and contribution in 2022. These are unconditional esteem, gratitude, acceptance, forgiveness and joy.

Elon Musk knows this. 

The substantial champions of life know this. 

They play the sport correct.

They steer definite of the general pandemic potholes by optimally aligning and balancing their deepest brands at all cases. 

It’s doubtless you’ll perchance well perchance per chance notify: they ‘Musk’ it.

Saunter substantial in 2022.

Gain Opie

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