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Get 100% Compostable Plastic Resin made out of discarded Protein from InvoViron Industries

India’s plastic waste problem is growing exponentially by the day. Thousands of tonnes of waste plastic is discarded every single day across the nation and is a source of pollution for entire terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

The latest annual report of the CPCB on plastic waste gives valuable insights on the trends of waste generated across the country — rich states like Goa produce as much as 60 grams per capita per day, Delhi is catching up with 37 grams per capita per day and the national average is around 8 grams per capita per day. In other words, as societies become more affluent, they are also becoming more wasteful. This is the ladder of wealth they must not aspire to climb. However, given the huge litter of plastic they can already see in cities, it is clear they cannot get sanguine about the fact that they will catch up — collect more; recycle more. It will not work unless they think differently and act decisively. To manage the plastic waste they need a tailor made strategy that will not only help promote collection and segregation of waste but also have a well-designed solution to use that waste in a sustainable manner.

Sarthak Gupta, the founder, and CEO of InvoViron Industries Trading Private Limited has come up with a splendid product to save the mother earth from destruction. He and his team are Curbing Plastic Pollution by promoting and manufacturing Compostable Plastic and also, recycling existing plastic waste.

For the project, VARP both InvoViron Industries and Phabio Enterprises aims to tackle the very same problem by utilizing the existing plastic waste and build solutions around them. The team has successfully developed a material that can be used for prefabricated construction applications using waste polymers. The developed material has properties better than the M25 grade of concrete which makes it suitable for various construction applications. In the early phase, the project aims to make boundary walls, drainage channels, and other similar applications with the use of material developed, at later stages, the material could be used to make low-cost housing solution aligning with honorable Prime Minister’s vision – “Home for all”.

Through this project, they will collect and upscale plastic waste into materials that have high demand and consumption i.e. – Structured panels, which will assure that they are able to upscale a huge amount of plastic waste without stressing about the demand of structural panels as they show a steady annual growth rate of 6.5% and can be used for various applications. They aim to build a more sustainable environment that will benefit the community, government, & ecosystem.

Phabio Enterprises is a Biotechnology/Polymer company that makes 100% biodegradable PHA pellets from organic waste and/or by-products. Phabio was incorporated in 2019 in Mumbai and have moved their operations to Kanpur to commercialize their project.

InvoViron Industries also belongs to the same domain and manufactures 100% Compostable Plastic Resin made out of waste/discarded Protein. The company was incorporated in 2018 in Kanpur and is presently developing commercial prototypes for its products.

Both the organizations have received various prestigious awards and grants for their projects and are now working in collaboration, trying to tackle one of the biggest problems of this century – Plastic Pollution.

To know more about this product contact Sarthak Gupta from InvoViron Industries Trading Private Limited at [email protected]

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