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Get the best behavioral health care solution from Brightline

Right treatment to behavioral health is the promotion of mental health, resilience, and well-being. This helps in recovery from the conditions along with the families and communities. Well, behavioral therapy helps in identifying and changing the potential self-destructive or unhealthy behavior.  

Naomi Allen, CEO and Founder

Naomi Allen is known in the healthcare industry for her immense contribution to technology-enabled pediatric behavioral health care solutions. In 2019, she established Brightline which offers the best behavioral healthcare to children and families all over the world. She along with her team has designed the behavioral health solution to help the teen, kids, and parents to overcome a wider range of challenges and dealing with the tough stuff.

Currently, Brightline is working on the three things that are generating a profoundly great service experience, constructing a live and digital care gamut, and the significance of a new care collaboration model.

Naomi Allen shared a beautiful life lesson quote– “happiness is not a destination, it’s a way to travel.” She believes that one should find out the ways to carry joy along and should identify it as a way to show up every day.

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