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Get the best IT Infrastructure solution from AFORESERVE INNOVATION PVT. LTD.

Bangalore: Rajnish Kumar Tripathi the founder and CEO of AFORESERVE INNOVATION PVT. LTD. and his team resolves IT Infrastructure Tickets for enterprises in a predictive model without Human Intervention resulting in Contactless Service.

To create innovative solutions for IT Infrastructure Management using AI/ML technologies that can be deployed across Enterprises globally, thereby creating value for all its stakeholders – customers, employees, and investors. 

Challenges faced by the AFORESERVE INNOVATION PVT. LTD. are time inefficient, human resource-intensive IT Infra Support System Infrastructure cost and Human. Also, the resource Cost increases with business growth, scarce skilled resources, and rising training costs, employee productivity decreases with downtimes and unique selling points. 

Team AFORESERVE INNOVATION PVT. LTD. has come up with an effective solution to meet the challenges by reducing the costs of training and infrastructure and increasing employee productivity. Also, the number of people deployed decrease as Aforesight’s scope of resolution increases with cutting-edge machine learning Spontaneous support cuts resolution time by 150% with auto ticket resolution Route only small percentage of tickets to IT Support Team Members.

AI model that builds up resolution algorithms using historical tickets data and trends, knowledge base continuously so that a higher proportion of tickets can be resolved in an automated manner and proactively. Specifically, the competitive advantages are: 

  • Time to Market – there are hardly any similar solutions available in the market and hence there is a huge first-mover advantage 
  • RoI – affordability gives us an advantage 
  • Time to Deploy – fast and efficient 


  • Phase 1 : Corporate customers of Aforeserve, in 
  • Phase 2 : All other corporate customers who have IMS 
  • Phase 3 : Other segments like Banks, Govt, PSUs 
  • Phase 4 : Partner with Global SI players MILESTONES 

Business model of AFORESERVE INNOVATION PVT. LTD. is on-premise as well as Cloud deployment Monthly subscription fee-based, scalable as per customer requirement Safe and secured. Best in class services and support at every stage of the ICT asset lifecycle across brands, platforms, and technologies. They are the leading IT Infrastructure Services and Industry 4.0 solution provider in India. They offer a comprehensive and standardized life cycle for the complete spectrum of information. Their prime aim is to deliver quality services to every customer and assuring customer satisfaction through excellence in execution and delivery.

To know more about the product and services of AFORESERVE INNOVATION PVT. LTD. get in touch with Rajnish Kumar Tripathi at [email protected]

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