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Google announces $1-million grant to promote news literacy among Indians

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 2 | Issue Month:February | Issue Year:2020

Google News Initiative (GNI) announced a $1 million grant for Internews, a news literacy organization. The funding support is part of Google’s broader, $10-million commitment to media literacy. The grant will work towards building a strong network of senior reporters and journalists who will counteract fake news in India. Google News Google’s initiative will focus on delivering news literacy, especially in non-metro cities. Under the program, Internews will put together a team of 250 journalists, fact-checkers, academicians, and NGO workers, who will be trained by global and Indian experts in a curriculum adapted to local needs and available in seven Indian languages. The local leaders roll out the training module for new Internet users in non-metro cities in the country, enabling them to navigate the Internet better and assess the information they find. Around 300 boot camps, workshops and sessions aim to help at least 25,000 new Internet users learn how to navigate the online information, understand better the nature and characteristics of content published online, and prepare them to help others around them sift the news from the sea of online misinformation

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