Google announces Smart Canvas, a new collaboration tool, at Google IO

Google has initiated a conference for developers for 2021. The major reason behind this is that the Google IO was initiated by a keynote from the chief executive officer Sundar Pichai saying that the ongoing tough times due to the covid-19 pandemic, went on to highlight new updates from Google across its products. One of them is Google workspaces. 

Google has declared 12 new features for its workspace. It has been stated that by the end of this year these features will roll out across its applications which includes Sheets, Docs, and Slides. 

Let’s discuss these features and more: 

Smart canvas- Features

It had introduced new smart chips for a better recommendation of files and meetings in a shared document. Users can simply type @ to see the list of people. 

Moreover, it will get a pageless format that will allow users to remove the boundaries of a page. With the option of a paginated view, one can explore different devices and screens. 

Now you’ll be able to use emoji reactions for more fun.  And work together interactively. 

Assisted writing features will also be added to provide more inclusive languages. This will help in speeding up the writing and editing. It will also automatically import any relevant information from the Calendar meeting invite. It involves smart chips for attendees and attacked files. 

With the commencement of this week, Google is pushing out checklists on web and mobile versions of Docs. Now the users can assign a checklist to other people. The tasks can be seen on Google Tasks. It will make it easier for everyone to manage a project’s, To-Do List. 

Additionally, it will introduce table templates in Google Docs, to gather feedback easily. Now you can present your content to a Google Meet call on the web directly makes it easier for better discussions overwork under one roof. This will eliminate jumping over different pages and applications for sharing the work. 

The best part is now it will be equipped with live translation which will eliminate the linguistic barriers among your team members. It will start with English-language live captions translate into Spanish, German, French, and more. 

With the timeline view to make tracking tasks easier, and faster. It will also add formula suggestions for better data curation and analysis. Lastly, it will now be able to jump from a discussion in Google Chat directly to create and editing Sheets and Docs from Google Chat rooms. 

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