Google Arts and Culture using flying cigarette butts, jellyfish, and bumblebees to teach about climate change

After the release of the 3D Timelapse features for tracking the impact of climatic change on Google Earth. This means that the search giant has now shared there is a set of climate experiments that is under the “heartbeat of the Earth” initiatives. However, it is a series of online artworks which depict scientific climate data. Well, the collaboration of the project between Google Arts and Cultural lab, UNFCCC, and a bunch of artists. In the last year, this was the first introduced at the time of world environment day.

Notably, these artists make use of the key findings from a UN report as well as data from scientific institutions like the US-based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the World Meteorological Organization. This will help in creating an interactive piece of art concerned with the climate. Moreover, the eight pieces of art address topics like air pollution, improvement of sea levels, melting glaciers, the impact of microplastics, discrimination of biodiversity as well as other climate change-related glitches.

Currently, Google now published a blog post a couple of days before 22nd April (Earth Day). It will help in sharing the new climatic experiments that are created by the artists Giorgia Lupi, Felicity Hammond, Cristina Tarquini, and Sey Min. these interactive art pieces permit learning about the climatic challenges by making use of the creative data visualizations. It is a simpler medium for conveying complex subjects instead of complex charts and graphs.

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