Google launches News Showcase in India with 30 publishers

The recent updates show that Google has launched its new showcase product which helps participating publishers share their expertise and editorial voice while letting readers dive deeper into more complex stories and content, specifically in the Indian marketplace. 

In 2020 October the news showcase is part of Google’s billion-dollar global investment towards supporting quality journalism. 

The vice president and product management of news, Google, Brad Bender stated that- it is a new online experience and licensing program for publishers that offers A customizable space for news content in Google news and discovery. 

Additionally, on Tuesday in one of the video calls the vice president said that the panel templates are designed to show deep editorial context and better storytelling and also ensure that your publishing branding is front and center. It also makes it easier for new publishers to be able to identify you out of the bunch. 

Not only this, publishers will be paid for access to pay wallet content to our users, free access to select content, enabling people to share content that may not have otherwise seen on their journey to becoming a subscriber. 

Currently, the News Showcase is live in a handful of nations which involves the United Kingdom Australia having 700 publishers to act. 

In India 30 news publishers are part of the launch which also involves the Indian express group products. It will commence with the availability in English and Hindi and will roll out to other languages by the end of this year. 

Sanjay Gupta, vice-president, Google India said the present challenges mean it will “require reimagining potentially the newsroom in this new world”. Gupta said the news showcase product will “help enable, and hopefully be the role of a catalyst, you can leave for the future of journalism news and media in a significant way”.

Lastly, it was further explained that the platform is developed in deep partnership and collaboration with publishers. The main motive and Idea behind this was for users to be able to know a publisher’s content even if there is a paywall. 

The licensing takes two forms first one is licensing for the editorial curation and another to pay for these additional views on behalf of users this is something the company is working individually with every publisher present on the platform.

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