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Google Pay will let users delete transaction data

Google pay is up with its new feature that will be available in the next version of the Google pay application on android and IOS. 

 It is considered as a major update on its payment platforms namely Google pay. Today the company announced that it will soon roll out a new feature that will let the users delete transaction data. Hence, it is done to offer personalization within Google pay in its payments platform to users all around the world.

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This feature is consists of a wide array of controls to decide and take action on your transactional data as per your choices. Secondly, it might possible that users think about what happens to their Google pay Tata and that’s why the company is letting them or preferences so as to maintain a secure and personalized experience over the digital payment platform.

Most probably feature will be up from the next week and your application settings will provide you with more controls to decide how your Google Play activity is used to customize features within the application “said Google through a blog post. 

This feature will not only offer better rewards or deals but also help you modify a proper customized experience based on your activity and according to your preferences. It also says that in case the setting turned off, then also Google Pay will function work same and you can pay or make transactions without any hindrances.  

Lastly, one of the interesting and remarkable things about this update is that now you will be able to view and delete individual transactions and other activity records that you don’t want to be used within the application by a few taps. 

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