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Google unveils $25 million for women empowerment

Currently, Google has declared a wide range of programs and grants worth $25 million on 8th March. This fund is towards the working of the nonprofits and social enterprises that are dedicated to women’s empowerment.

Google. Org’s new Impact Challenge has been revealed on this International Women’s Day. Google chief executive Sundar Pichai at a virtual event mentioned that aimed to address systemic barriers and disparities so that women get access to economic equality, a chance to create financial independence, and chase entrepreneurism.

President of, Jacquelline in an event mentioned, “Whatever these teams need, we are going to be alongside them and help carry out their vision.” Until 9th April, the company exclaimed that it will accept all the applications.

Even fuller announced that Google. org is going to invest an additional amount of $1 million in order to help the underserved women in India. India is the world’s second-largest internet market where women make up a small percentage of online users in the country.

However, 5years back Google has launched a program called the Internet Saathi which fetches internet literacy for women in the rural areas of India. Moreover, the company mentioned that the program for which it had collaborated with Indian Conglomerate Tata, significantly supported in order to improve the participation of women on the Indian internet.

Google mentioned that in 2015 there was one in 10 internet users in rural India were women, whereas now it is four of 10. As per the research, the company mentioned Internet Saathi program has already benefited more than 30 million women in India. For continuing the mission, right now the program needs to focus on other efforts.

The head of Google India, Sanjay Gupta in an event mentioned, “This program created a cascading effect.”

Senior Marketing Director for Google in India and Southeast Asia, Sapna Chadha said that simply getting online isn’t about progress. Also, mentioned, “Women in India have traditionally been held back from economic participation.”

Even the company has partnered with the Nasscom Foundation which is the social arm of an influential India trade group that will be bringing digital and financial literacy to 100,000 women farmers in India. They together create a program named “Women Will” to permit and help 1 million women entrepreneurs.

 Being a part of the Women Will program, Chadha has revealed a respiratory website which said which will feature tutorials, business thoughts, and other opportunities in both English and Hindi languages.

Currently, Google is working hard on rolling out new features like the Google pay app which will permit the entrepreneurs to highlight their business pages within the payments app without any charge. Chadha also mentioned that women entrepreneurs can make the right choice for highlighting the business that is led by women across the Google Maps listings and Google search.

Minister of Women and Child Development, Government of India Smriti Irani in an event said, “I call upon you to come together to build a future we can all be proud of — a future where no daughter of ours is shackled by the burdens of her gender.”

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