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HCL to sign multi-million dollar digital deal with UD Trucks

The tech giant HCL announced on Monday that it had signed a multi-million dollar digital transformation deal with one of the leading commercial vehicle solutions providers UD Trucks. 

But HCL did not disclose the specifics of the transactions and further information about the deals. 

UD Trucks Corporation is a Japan-based company whose principal business is the manufacturing and sales of diesel trucks, special-purpose vehicles, bus chassis, busses, and more. Its HQs (headquarters) are located in Ageo, Saitama, Japan. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Isuzu Motors since 2021. 

The deal is done among the companies to deliver or get end-to-end IT transformation spanning across digital platforms, migration, support, digital application, and maintenance of digital workplace services, stated by the IT services major. 

It also added that- the recent changes in its functional and operational structure have required UD trucks to build and migrate to their own dedicated IT environment. Moreover, at the same time ensuring service continuity. 

This is important to move on to a new, and next-generation IT environment. On the other hand, the commercial vehicle provider UD Trucks aims to leverage the power of the cloud and the Internet of Things. 

While highlighting the reason behind the new deal, UD Trucks Senior Vice President Digital Solutions and IT Satish Rajkumar said-  “Migrating our infrastructure and business-critical applications is of strategic importance to UD Trucks in our accelerated digitalization journey. HCL’s deep understanding of our existing IT footprint, combined with its leading-edge transformation capabilities, made it the standout choice”. 

The company expressed their inner thoughts and said- automotive brands look to accelerate their digital growth and shift. It will embrace the cloud, to achieve this they need a partner like HCL and with its expertise, they can successfully drive the complexity of information technology ecosystems and have a digital foundation ready for the future. 

They also added- corporate transitions create special scenarios which need expertise at the intersection of total business processes and technology. Our engagement with UD Trucks is a fantastic illustration of how HCL can help them in setting up core IT capabilities. It will also help to leverage HCL’s cloud storage services and accelerate next-generation digital services for our clients. 

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