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HDFC Bank deploys Mobile ATM in Bengaluru

With the ongoing deadly covid-19 second wave, HDFC decided to deploy Mobile ATM (automated teller machine) to assist customers during tough times, especially in restricted areas. At these areas, the mobile ATMs eliminate the need for the public to move out of their locality to withdraw cash. 

Among all the cities, Bengaluru is the 25th city deployed Mobile ATMs in 2021. The company is deciding and estimating the right locations with the collaborative discussions with the local authorities. 

The bank clearly stated that all the necessary precautions in terms of maintaining social distancing while queuing for the ATM and sanitisation are being taken to ensure safety of staff and prospects. 

The prospects can conduct over 15 types of transactions using the Mobile ATM. it will be operational at each location for a specific period, specifically during covid. Moreover, it will cover 3 to 4 stops in a single day to let the prospects make transactions without any hindrance. 

Lastly, Branch Banking Head, HDFC Bank, Madhusudhan Hegde, said: “Our Mobile ATM facility will help customers and the general public get access to cash and other banking services to meet their exigencies at their doorstep.”

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