Here is What 1,000 Pushups in a Single Day Did to This Man’s Body

Fresh off a fresh video wherein he conducted 100 pushups and 50 pullups each day for week, YouTuber Lucas (identified to his subscribers as Pigmie) upped the ante for his subsequent physical anxiety, surroundings himself the aim of doing 1,000 pushup reps in a single 24-hour period.

“Or no longer it is gonna be a long day,” he says, together with that he hopes to entire all 1,000 reps in precisely 12 hours. “If I enact 100 every hour, I will receive it carried out in 10 hours, so that is going to be the aim, that is the strategy here. But I’m already feeling fine fatigued.”

When he reaches the halfway level and completes his 500th receive, Lucas explains that the rising soreness in his triceps is making it more and more challenging to withhold going, and at 700 reps, even with accurate 300 left to transfer, every situation is taking longer and longer to entire and his aim of 10 hours is starting to feel unrealistic.

“I non-public love I’m no longer even the exercise of my chest any longer, I literally feel love I’m handiest the exercise of [my triceps] for some reason,” he says. And once he reaches his 1,000th pushup receive, the very first ingredient he does is effect his overworked triceps on ice.

“That the truth is turned out to be method more challenging than I idea,” he says. “First 100 reps felt worthy, got a worthy pump, the second 100 reps, honest pump, 3oo reps, composed a fine honest pump. Then after that, the pump began to accurate fade away, and it began to accurate wretchedness.”

Even so, he hit his aim in precisely eight hours. But after resting for a few days, he concludes that by method of constructing strength or muscle, there are greater ways. “I deem, for me, doing 1,000 reps in 24 hours wasn’t famous to learn about outcomes,” he says. “In actual fact, I non-public no longer know if I unquestionably got any outcomes.”

He provides that on reflection, he perhaps must no longer have pushed himself to withhold going despite his tricep wretchedness, and encourages others to “lend a hand off,” enable themselves the time to get better, and non-public a stable scandalous for exercise over time.

Philip Ellis is a freelance author and journalist from the UK covering pop custom, relationships and LGBTQ+ considerations.

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