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Here’s why Amazon changes its app logo?

Amazon, one of the popular E-Commerce giants, has changed its app logo quietly, after the company phase several comparisons and criticisms from the users. 

On Tuesday, 2021 Amazon silently changed the design of its new application logo. It replaces the above blue ribbon on top that drew lots of criticisms and poor comparisons. It finally launched its new design, and users can see while using Amazon Shopping Application can now see a brown box (packaging box or parcel) with a blue stripe above the company’s signature arrow (looks like a smile), signifying a wrapping tape. 

New logos of Amazon. Sources: Twitter

In late January, Amazon designed and launched the initial icon in several international marketplaces but right after the launch it tweaked the design as it faced the comparison with toothbrush-style mustaches similar to the one worn by Adolf Hitler. The toothbrush moustache was originally popularised by comedians namely Charlie Chaplin in the early 1900s and later it was associated with Adolf Hitler.

In addition, only iOS users in some European nations and countries witnessed Hitler-esque logos over the past few weeks. To solve the trolling over the web, Amazon took this step to! 

A few days back, it replaced it’s app logo from a shopping cart with a printed new logo. Reports say the new development in the tweaked logo, is being replaced with a tearing tape logo. 

One of the Amazon spokesperson said that “the company is always exploring varied and innovative ways to delight and delight customers. Thus, we designed the new icon to spark anticipation, excitement, and fondness when prospects initiate their shopping journey on their devices, somewhat like when customers see our boxes on their doorstep.- reported by The Verge. 

Meme over Amazon’s new logo Sources: twitter

The designing team of Amazon some consolation while joining the story is the annals of modern business units that have been forced to digitally shave controversial moustaches moreover the new icon is already getting much more favourable comparisons as before. The new icon of the updated Amazon app with an anime character- Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Aang.

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