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Here’s why Donte DiVincenzo should be on the trade block?

In November 2020, the Milwaukee Bucks had an agreement postulated to trade Donte DiVincenzo for Sacramento Kings. Also, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN said in one of his tweets- “DiVincenzo would be the centerpiece of the package which is going to Sacramento in exchange for restricted free agent Bodgan Bogdanoviç, on November 17. 

But later, the trade agreement ran into a roadblock and started to collapse. This happened when Governor de Bucks, Marc Lasry, began bragging about informal trade with the current board meeting. After reviewing her behavior, one team became upset and disliked the situation, and took action against her. After this, they proceeded to report via formal temper complaint against Lasry to the league. 

Later, to find the right loopholes, the NBA said to investigate the business issue. The investigation revealed that the transactions were disabled as they occurred before the free agency. 

The report stated that later on Milwaukee bought DiVincenzo into light and named him as the starting shooting guard. This decision surely paid off throughout the first 34 games and quite worked in their favor. Amazingly, DiVincenzo shoots around 43 percent of the field on 9.4 shots that have supported him on average a 10.4.6 career-high per individual match. This scenario conveyed that putting their inventions on the trading bloc can be 

Let’s check why the Milwaukee Bucks should put Donte DiVincenzo on the trading block for sure

After being included in the invalid and failed Bogdan Bogdanoviç sign and trade deal, DiVincenzo can be a factor for the Bucks this upcoming season. 

The sources say it is unknown whether he can replicate the production in the coming future but he is at his best as a tradable asset. The head coach Mike Budenholzer is recently running a system dominated around the post-up, isolation, and varied transition possessions. Currently, Milwaukee is now at the 5th position in the league having possessions averaging 9.1 per individual game out of the first 34 games. On the other hand, Budenholzer gave around 48.4 percent to Giannis because of his average point of 4.5. 

Later on, Budenholzer showed offense which forced DiVincenzo to spend the majority of his minutes as a floor spacer. Lots of happenings took place which conveyed that DiVincenzo could be best even after the failed trade, but nothing came out. 

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