Hidden role of professionals during Covid-19

After the pandemic outbreak of plague in 1720, cholera outbreak in 1820, Spanish influenza in 1920, again after a century Covid-19 caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is becoming a deadliest disease in 2019-2020. Although the mortality rate is lower than other pandemic yet it is highly contagious. Worldwide around total 4.80 million cases are there, from which 2.17 million active cases are reported in present date i.e. 18-05-2020, out of which total recovery cases are 1.86 million and total deaths are occurred around 0.316 million. About 215 countries are affected by this lethal virus, where USA, Russia and Spain are amongst top three most affected.  Lockdown in many countries to stop the spread of contagious virus, resulting economic crisis. According to report of United Nations (DESA), there could be shrinkage of 1 per cent in global economy by the end of 2020. Across the sphere our professionals are working between this pandemic contributing their services enormously. Doctors, nurses, and other health workers they are giving duties day and night to save lives. As the number of cases are increasing some doctors are working in the shortage of PPE kits (Personal protective equipment). We always heard that doctors are a prophet of god, now we are actually seeing it. 

Other professionals are Policeman, who are generally considered by locals as insensitive and rude, but now stood up as the protector of the nation. They are giving us tired less duties by maintaining law and order when most of us are violating it for the struggle of basic life amenities. People engaged in cleaning occupation, they are providing us hygienic environment which is unsuitable for survival of corona virus.  It is shameless for us to consider them untouchables as they are involved in unhygienic work regardless of less income, but it is now that we are realizing their worth. Let’s talk about delivery personals, in this vary situation they are consciously undertaking their services, as we are unable to go outside they are coming to us in order to serve us. Daily hundreds of delivery they are making, putting themselves to outside risk so that we can get essentials of life. 

Media is also playing enormous role during lockdown. Be it social media, electronic media and print media, all are continuously doing their routine work to aware us. We start our day with reading newspaper and listening NEWS. We get to know a minute report about 5 W and 1 H i.e. what, where, when, who, why and How, of all North-East-West-South direction. During lockdown only source of entertainment, information, education and other creational activities are Television, Newspaper, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube etc. Media has made the global world a small village, the family members those are far away in this pandemic can easily be contacted by audio and video calls. All thanks to media, telecom providers and internet providers those are connecting us with our loved ones when we cannot travel out. Let’s not forget the vendors and shopkeepers of essential items, who are not taking rest and keep providing us prerequisites of life even in complete lockdown. Not only retailers but manufactures and workers are working in factories to continue the demand supply chain of essential items.

Bank personals, unseeingly contributing a lot in this pandemic, where all government offices are completely closed for a while, they are the one who handled the economy of the nation. Bankers are second most at the risk of getting contagious after health professionals, as it is noted that corona virus remain on currency notes for 2-3 days, this can transfer virus from one person to other via touching notes by hands. In this pandemic they are the one who is maintaining the flow of money throughout the nation and the globe by providing loans to the farmers, MSME (Medium and small micro-enterprise) without guarantee. 

Teachers, “if doctors are saving the world, teachers are shaping the world”. True lines for all the teachers who are uninterruptedly providing the worthy education to their students in the lockdown condition by arranging online student-teacher learning situation to keep the students in touch with studies and thus nurturing the backbone of the nation. These nation builders are using virtual classrooms in order to resolve the gap befitted in education.

Defense professionals are inevitable when it comes to secure the nation’s border even in coronavirus outbreak. They are silently protecting the nation and handling the attacks done by unnecessary elements. Where the whole world wants to lock themselves in their homes, they are the one who are sacrificing their life, only to protect us, so that we can have a long life.

Last but not the least agriculture professionals and farmers. Across the world, about 60 per cent of the population are directly and indirectly linked with agriculture. Food is a basic necessity of life followed by clothing and shelter.  We are alive today because of farmers. Food we eat, cloths we wear is available only because of farmers. There are 570 million farms across the world, more than 90 per cent farms are run by farming community, producing 80 per cent of the world’s food. Farmers are the one who feed us, even in this pandemic situation their immense work on fields makes a nation hunger free.

Salute to all the professionals who are massively doing work and wordlessly serving the nation. In each profession, many of them are suffered from Covid-19 but still, they are working only for our well-being. We should thank each of them who are taking responsibility for breaking the coronavirus chain with determination and without coming in the limelight. They are trying to help us and to mitigate the situation, we owe to them to show respect. In the game of this life and death by thanking all the professionals, we wish them a long life and we wish that both prayers and medicine together work to end this corona period.


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