Historical Transnet exec Tau Morwe on SA’s rail grief: “Bring support the Railway Police”

In a fresh interview, aged Financial Mail deputy editor David Williams commended Alec Hogg in regards to the unhappy advise of the South African railways are for the time being in. Williams revealed the lack of safety, clashes between Transnet and PRASA, as smartly as the unhappy governance that led to the posthaste dying of our railway gadget. “This company is a rupture. If it changed into as soon as a private sector company, it’d be past exchange rescue. It will simply simply not be functioning,” he lamented. Historical Transnet govt Tau Morwe reiterates Williams’ grievances, telling broadcaster Tim Modise of the crime and vandalism that goes unpunished. The aged appearing chief govt says the manager desires to gain something, with the reintroduction of the railway police the first priority. Jarryd Neves

Tau Morwe on what’s going on with the railway gadget and infrastructure:

I would esteem to spotlight the lack of safety as thought to be one of many points affecting rail transportation, pertaining to both passenger rail and cargo. I assert the 2nd grief is the getting older railing stock, outdated know-how, inefficient employ of land [which is] characterised by settlements mushrooming closer to the rails. If I bewitch some 20 years support, Transnet – by map of Spoornet support then – went to parliament and requested that the railway police be introduced support. That has by no technique came about. One other ingredient that one now sees is the [increasing] incidents of blatant sabotage.

In November 2018, as an illustration, folks mature a blowtorch to decrease the rail line. It’s a combination of theft [and] vandalism that has introduced us to where we’re at the unique time. One does not look any penalties. In some other country, if folks sprint around carrying blowtorches and reducing rail, there might maybe well perhaps be some extreme penalties.

On why there don’t appear to be any penalties for railway vandals

We would inquire [the authorities to do something about it]. In March of 2001, Transnet went to parliament and raised the reveal same points we’re talking about now. Nothing has came about. The grief of the railway police, nothing ever came about. Whenever you look for at rail market part support in 2009, it changed into as soon as sitting at 30%. The estimate, for the time being, is that its sitting at 21% or much less. But, from a political perspective, that doesnt appear to be any action. 

On why there shouldn’t be the least bit times a will to raise the railway police support

I if truth be told cant pinpoint what the topic is, but I would place the topic at the door of the politicians. Twenty years ago, these points were raised. I bewitch around 2009 and 2010, I changed into as soon as appearing chief govt at Transnet Freight Rail and a series of trains – trains fat of diesel – were derailed. That changed into as soon as performed on motive. A prepare fat of some dangerous chemicals derailed. All but again, that changed into as soon as on motive.

I even needed to contact the protection institution and conceal them the photos of what’s going on. Up till at the unique time, nothing has came about. One does not need to bid, look for, it is expounded to what is going on in the country at the unique time but I assert the politicians must manage with this quiz. If 20 years ago they requested to raise support the railway police, why absorb they not performed that?

Why, on a 365 days-to-365 days basis, does over 364km of cables absorb to be stolen? Nothing has came about. About a years ago, we established the cable theft index with the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry. All but again, nothing has came about. This present day, the most up-to-date management of Transnet complains about perceived sabotage in derailments. I assert the Division of Transport or Division of Public Enterprises can contend with the grief of political will. But if truth be told, there doesnt appear to be the desire to manage with the grief. 

Whenever you look for, as an illustration, at the Metrorail scenario in Cape Town [and] Langa – where youve bought settlements on the railway – I assert its top pure that some action is being taken to utilize the settlements. It shouldnt if truth be told score that lengthy to manage with these complications for the reason that economic system is affected negatively. 

On PRASA and commuter rail

I need to sprint support reasonably of bit, by reach of the rail infrastructure. Years ago, you had Transnet in price for both metro rail mainline passenger companies and then cargo; you had your entire infrastructure residing inside Transnet. 

Years later, when PRASA changed into as soon as fashioned, the infrastructure changed into as soon as apportioned to Metro Rail and to Transnet. My private notion is that in a single country, whereas you exchange rail infrastructure and birth splitting it up, you’re interesting complications. That is where we’re at the unique time and need to you were to search recordsdata from me what [the solution is], I would bid, lets look for at whats going on in Germany, as an illustration.

There, youve bought a advise-plod entity, running both the infrastructure and operations. Now the quiz we are in a position to search recordsdata from is, need to an entity esteem Metro Rail be running infrastructure or need to they be running trains? From a protection level of look for, we’ve to appear for at the manager. We gain not absorb the rail protection on the desk. It goes support to the protection-makers.

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