How can CBD oil help you with stress and anxiety?



Stress is more than just a physiological response; it is a way of life. Nowadays, people are always stressed. Because of work, finances, relationships, health, and everything else you can think of.


If we allow stress to rule our lives, it can have health consequences.


CBD oil and other components of the cannabis plant can give us a lot in terms of health. But it outperforms itself in relieving stress.


Today, CBD cannabis experts are telling us about the best way to use CND oil to fight stress and anxiety.

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CBD oil is now part of well-known and recognized treatments

People use CBD oils, capsules, and tinctures to help regulate their stress levels, relax, and protect the body from the damage that chronic stress can cause.


We are going to look at how stress works, how it has hijacked our lives, and how we can effectively reduce stress by using CBD oils.


Stress should initially help us.

Our ancestors developed stress as a response that enabled us to escape dangerous situations. Imagine you are face to face with a sabre-toothed tiger. He is hungry, and human flesh is undoubtedly on his menu.


Under normal circumstances, we may be able to fight the tiger, but it is unlikely that we will succeed.


Fortunately, we have the stress response (also known as the “fight response”).

Parts of our brain (hypothalamus and pituitary gland) recognize the threat immediately and release hormones that travel to the adrenal glands located above each kidney.


These glands then start releasing stress hormones like cortisol, which are distributed throughout the body through the bloodstream to produce what we experience as stress.


This system is there to give us a physical and mental boost that will either help us fight the tiger or run away and get us to safety.


Physical changes in acute stress include:

  • The airways widen to let more oxygen into the lungs.
  • Our heartbeat speeds up to pump nutrients and oxygen into our muscles faster and more profound.
  • Our liver shoots glucose into the bloodstream to give our bodies a boost.
  • Our digestive and immune systems are shut down so the body can focus its energy on the brain and muscles instead.
  • Our blood vessels narrow so that blood can be pumped into the small capillaries more effectively.
  • Neurotransmitters like norepinephrine are released to stimulate the brain and increase cognition.


All of these changes give us a temporary advantage over the tiger so that we can escape danger. Also, our senses become sharper, we are more aware of our surroundings, our muscles have more strength, we have more energy, and we feel less pain and fear.


In such a situation, stress is valuable. We can choose between life and death. There are many accounts of people who have performed near-superhuman acts while under the influence of the “fight response.”


What is CBD oil and cannabidiol?

CBD is the short name for cannabidiol. It is one of the main cannabinoids, parts of the cannabis itself. It is also the plant’s primary cannabinoid (with THC), which is not psychoactive.


Once the body has absorbed it, CBD can interact with a specific set of receptors that are grouped under the name of the endocannabinoid system. This system plays an essential role in regulating the whole nervous network by improving communication between cells.


The best CBD oil for stress

When buying CBD oil for stress use, you must find a product that is high in CBD but also contains all of the other terpenes and antioxidants that are naturally found in the plant.

For this reason, we recommend using high-quality full-spectrum hemp oil and it is importat to tell that there are a lot of excellent CBD oil manufacturers out there, but to find the best CBD oils online on


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