How Gazprom helps the Kremlin put the squeeze on Europe

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 2 | Issue Month:February | Issue Year:2022

THE BUSINESS pages of newspapers have a tendency to handle the lower and thrust of competition, rather then the cacophony of war. Nevertheless when it involves Vladimir Putin’s assault on the sovereignty of Ukraine, there might be a firm—the arena’s most attention-grabbing gas producer—that is correct within the thick of it. Gazprom, majority-owned by the Russian allege, has mastered the art of furthering the Kremlin’s interests as well to its believe industrial ones. That extends to squeezing European gas offers till the pips squeak. On February 22nd it got a dose of its believe medicine when Germany said it would mothball the Nord Mosey 2 (NS2) pipeline owned by Gazprom in retaliation for Russia’s warmongering in Ukraine. Two days later Russia attacked Ukraine. Even those two occasions might well well no longer cease the firm from making mischief—and money.

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