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How Have Indian Cosmetics Gone Local, Natural, And Organic with Oh That! Natural

Indian cosmetics market is booming with several home-grown brands that claim to pamper your skin and ensure your wellness with local, natural, and organic products like natural under eye gel, vitamin c face wash or a cloth freshener spray for that matter. Hence, the demand is also increasing day by day as many of the needs of your skin remain unfulfilled by international brands, which provides an opportunity to homegrown brands and companies. 

The way from chemical to natural is quite challenging yet the best as the skin is now getting the nourishment of the ayurvedic and other organic remedies and ingredients. Now, in the era of Atma Nirbhar Bharat, all we need are, made in India and made from Indian ingredients products, because these are way more beneficial for our skin. And following the slogan of vocal for local even before its announcement, Oh that! Natural is fulfilling all your needs to give you clean, conscious, and accessible natural beauty and skincare for all. To elaborate, it is the sister brand of Mocemsa perfumes that manufactures the best perfume for men in India and women as well. Both these brands have been cofounded by Mr Paarth Malhotra and Mr Pulkit Malhotra.

Celebrating Natural Beauty, Skincare and Wellness

With the ambition and vision to build handcrafted, organic solutions and revitalize your skin with the natural elements of the earth and ancient skin and hair care practices, Oh that! Natural came into the picture. The brand has now become a bridge between the new-age consumers and the old-age Ayurveda as well as organic remedies to evaluate the need of their skin. With the idea of using all-natural ingredients for natural skincare, beauty, and wellness products like an organic under-eye gel or a lip scrub, Oh That! Natural has become one of the leading cosmetics brands in India. 

Mr Paarth Malhotra, the Cofounder of Oh that! Natural, said that he has always believed in the fact that one shall forever reside in the skin that you have grown up adorning. And, on the other hand, some brands provide flawless skin along with several chemical reactions. After the introduction of organic brands, Indians are becoming more receptive towards organic products and mostly prefer natural skincare. It is not because they are homegrown brands and affordable, but there are multiple benefits attached to such products as they are chemical-free and will show results for the longer-term. 

Eventual Paradigm Shift to Chemical-Free and Cruelty-Free Skincare

Somewhere with the invention of new technologies and ways, skincare products started lacking in terms of organic and natural ingredients. The chemical gives the result faster but it gives it for a short time and brings along allergic reactions as well.  On the other hand, Oh that! Natural is a natural skincare and wellness brand that facilitates organic, cruelty-free, chemical-free products and services that are designed per age-old natural beauty practices that involve the unadulterated natural elements of the earth. As a brand, the founders focus on bringing nature to the forefront and help the new-age customers get familiar with its elements. 

Significance Of Aesthetics In Encouraging Masses To Practice Natural Skincare And Wellness

Talking about the aesthetics of Oh that! Natural, Mr Paarth Malhotra says, clean, minimalist, healthy, and holistic natural skincare and wellness are the principles that the brand has abided by. The trends like the no-makeup look and showing your natural face, are the new normal i.e. a face with acne, pimples, and some skin issues, but have you wondered how these issues emerged? 

Oh that! Natural Organic Bestsellers

To deal with these issues and give you a natural and clean look Oh that! Natural is for you. The products like Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Scrub and Lather Junction Face and Body Scrub Grit will provide you with the changes that are long-term and rejuvenating. Eye luxe Under Eye Gel by Oh That! Natural is the perfect mild under-eye gel that reduces and eventually diminishes dark circles, under-eye bags, and puffiness. Above all, as an all-natural hydrating and moisturizing under eye gel, it firms your skin by helping you get rid of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye. 

Making Relevant Contributions Toward the Environment

The roots of Indian culture have always amplified beauty as an expression of godliness, almost something to be revered. Beauty does not mean having fair skin but yes having good and clear skin is what we call beauty. And Oh that! Natural is contributing its part by using all-natural ingredients and by making environment-friendly packaging as packaging also contains toxic chemicals.

No toxins can give you a beneficial result, it may show you a beautiful change but to get results. And, Oh that! Natural products are developed, produced, packaged, and shipped to you in ways that minimize their impact on the environment. 

Oh, that! Natural by Mocemsa Care was created with the singular intent in mind – to transform beauty and skincare that performs. The brand will guide you and help you in getting rejuvenating skin, with natural, organic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products. They are available to answer your queries and provide customer services with 24×7 expertise navigating you through every step of your self-care journey.

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