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How PHOTOSPIMEDX PRIVATE LIMITED is driving the healthcare industry to a new dimension?

Kanpur- Shikha Ahirwar the co-founder and director of PHOTOSPIMEDX PRIVATE LIMITED. She and her team are budding healthcare technology startup PhotoSpIMeDx Pvt. Ltd. at SIIC, IIT Kanpur. They offer an AI-powered digital hospital to assess health & care remotely. Their team is involved in the research and development of innovative diagnostic devices. They are a start-up and came into existence after continuous research by the team of experts in Biophotonics Lab, IIT Kanpur.

Well, the proof of concept has been established by the PHOTOSPIMEDX PRIVATE LIMITED research team who worked closely with doctors to validate the technology. Their primary goal at PhotoSpIMeDx is to deliver affordable, accessible, accurate, and minimally invasive diagnostic devices based on Biophotonics technology that uses fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging.

Currently, the team is developing a smartphone-based cervical pre-cancer detection device, which will be compact, portable, cost-effective, accessible, minimally invasive, and user-friendly. Their developed device will have the potential to become a regular biopsy guidance tool for early cervical cancer detection in hospitals and clinics. Now, they are also working on developing an innovative oral pre-cancer detection device.

Fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging techniques used are non-invasive and effective in detecting subtle biochemical changes arising in the early development of cancer. The cervical and oral pre-cancer detection probes have been developed in-house as compact, simple, and portable devices. The intrinsic Polarized Fluorescence Spectroscopy based Probecompact hand-held probe is for cervical pre-cancer diagnosis.

Shikha Ahirwar and her team of PHOTOSPIMEDX PRIVATE LIMITED took a greater initiative to help the rural areas and economically deprived sections of urban areas that have remained untouched by any diagnostic or curative advancement. Their device will help these regions to gain benefits from the point-of-care diagnosis of cervical and oral pre-cancer.

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