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How to Earn Recurring Money By Youtube – Full Guide for Beginners

After spending nearly two years working on the issue of demonization, YouTube has now developed an alternative payment method. YouTube creators want to be paid for their videos, not just for the content, but for all the other things they want. [Sources: 12]

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP), as it is sometimes called, is the answer for those who need to make money from their YouTube videos and how much they should be paid for it. The YouTube Partner Program, or “YPP” (short: YouTube Partner Program), enables websites and some of YouTube’s most successful channels to monetize their channels by showing ads that other YouTube users are running and paying for. This is how it works: YouTube serves channels with 10,000 LifeViews, and these ads make money for the creators. If viewers click on and watch the ads long enough to earn revenue, advertising revenue is shared with YouTube. [Sources: 0, 5, 9, 17]

This means that an advertiser who spends $200 to place an ad on your channel can earn $110 in video stamps. Once you reach that threshold, you can make money directly from the ads in your video, but it drops later. [Sources: 4, 9]

Another way to make money on YouTube is to sell goods and help you realize your business ideas online. You can earn commissions every time someone clicks on an advertising link that is posted on your site, but you can also make more money by selling your own products. Working as an affiliate for different brands makes you money every time the company makes a sale via a link you post in one of your videos. [Sources: 6, 8, 9, 10]

Try the following ways to make more money with YouTube, and you will see a healthy jump in your revenue. Consider the revenue from YouTube Premium and consider earning more than you already earn from ads. If you have music distributed through aggregators like CDBaby, they offer a service that lets you receive royalties for music streams on YouTube. Get a small percentage of the revenue you earn from YouTube Premium subscribers when you watch your content, as well as a monthly subscription fee. [Sources: 1, 11, 14, 20]

Blogging tends to be a great way to earn recurring affiliate commissions without spending money on ads. You can make money this way by watching videos for popular product types or linking to affiliate sales pages for those products. [Sources: 0, 3]

If you can increase your channel size, you increase your chances of turning your YouTube views into money for affiliate marketing. You can make more money by using YouTube in line with your blog, but YouTube is a way to spread your message. As your channels gain traction, they can become influencers and make money from sponsored content and affiliate sales sites. [Sources: 8, 15, 19]

If you don’t make a lot of money from advertising, there are other ways to generate revenue from your channel. From sponsored videos to advertising revenue, you can regularly earn revenue for your YouTube channel from YouTube channels. [Sources: 3, 15]

Just like a blog, you can earn money from affiliates and advertisers for selling your products and services. You can do this through affiliate marketing, advertising and other forms of advertising on YouTube. [Sources: 6, 18]

You can also sign up for Patreon, which allows you to start a membership – video channel only. You can raise money by offering channel membership, which takes the form of a “join” button directly in your YouTube videos. [Sources: 8, 9]

If you have a large audience, you can make money selling products like e-books, but you need good traffic to sell them. If you sell ads on your YouTube videos, add an affiliate link to your videos and you have all the money that can be made from it. It is possible to earn this kind of income by participating in the YouTube partnership program, as your traffic continues to grow. Once accepted, it is available to anyone with a YouTube account and a good number of subscribers, giving you access to a variety of revenue streams, as well as all kinds of money you could ever make from YouTube videos. [Sources: 1, 10, 16]

Microsoft 365 Business Affiliate Program allows affiliates to earn money online through commissions and Microsoft 365 referrals. AdSense and YouTube Red Super Chat are not the only ways you can make money on your YouTube channel, but making money with these other methods still largely depends on having a loyal and engaged audience. YouTube Red provides access to the same revenue streams that creators already earn through Ad Sense. [Sources: 2, 13, 18]

If you have a strong social following, you can use influencer marketing to get paid to upload sponsored content to YouTube. By learning how to make money from Instagram and blogging, your audience will unlock the potential of your YouTube channel to make money. [Sources: 7, 14]

In theory, you can sign up for an AdSense account, but channel monetization is enabled from the moment you create your YouTube channel. If you do, you will need to log into your account to receive all the revenue that can be generated from monetizing your YouTube account. Do this and log into your Adsense account to be included in all the revenue you can get from monetized YouTube accounts. [Sources: 0, 9]


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